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183 Club is a boyband in Taiwan under the company Jungiery. 183 Club is so called as the average height of all the 5 members is 183CM.

Johnny was previously a National basketball player in Taiwan and was later invited to shoot an idol drama namely My MVP Valentine. This drama eventually made him popular and he signed a contract with Jungiery ever since. Sam Wang also a member of 5566, was also a former national soccer player for Taiwan. He later joined modeling which led him to who he is now, successful in coping his work in both 5566 and 183 Club. Ming Dow started out as a host for an entertainment show named Mao Xian Wang, he in turn shot dramas such as Tian Guo De Jia Yi and recently, Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa after joining Jungiery. Ehlo Huang, came out with 1 album during his stay at a company which no longer exists as it has closed down. Due to this, he borrowed money from banks and had little chances of returning those money. Luckily, he met his fellow 183 members and also Jungiery and soon his debt was cleared thanks to them. He has also shot certain idol dramas with 183 Club members.


Featured Artist: 183 Club

Left to right:
Ehlo Huang Yu Rong , Ming Dao , Johnny Yan Xing Shu , Sam Wang Shao Wei , Jacky Zhu Fan Gang

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