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Aloe Vera: Power of Healing

The healing prowess of the aloe plant is not a recent discovery. The aloe has been used, concocted, minced, mixed with drinks, and eaten raw for centuries due to the vast diseases, illness, and maladies that it has proven to cure and get rid of. With its medicinal effectivity and use dating back around four thousand years ago, aloe and its use has been made known even by the Sumerians as pointed out by the clay tablets discovered by researchers and historians.

With the Sumerians' extensive economic and political relationship with the Egyptian region (although having originated in Africa), the plant was easily propagated and spread among the various regions of the world.

With the dug-out ruins and remains of early Persian and Indian civilization, aloe vera is evidenced to have been part of traditional healing among these cultures for generations and generations. Not only that, even the Russian, Chinese, Zulu, and Japanese early civilizations have taken advantage of the many medicinal characteristics that the plant is innately blessed with. Between AD 40 and AD 90, aloe has been made known to be utilized by Roman as well as Greek physicians to prevent and cure a wide variety of diseases and ailments.

Aloe arborensis, aloe ferro, aloe perryi, aloe saponaria, and aloe vera are just among the 360 species of the aloe plant that posses healing properties. The United States and the United Kingdom lead in the continuous study and research on the plant and its amazing composition. Aloe is naturally composed of enzymes and chemicals that are innately beneficial to the human health. The aloe vera gel is therefore a natural moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, a natural body cleanser, a bactericidal, promotes cell division, harmlessly penetrates the skin, is a local anesthetic, reduces bleeding, reduces itching and burning, and does a whole lot more. In fact, one can have an endless list of the many functions that this magical plant has. 

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