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The primary aim of Asian Detox Secrets is to first eliminate excessive toxins in our body which stop our body to function well. Next, and more importantly, the program focuses on strengthening our weaker parts of the body. Emma Deangela takes this book to a completely different level. Having been in China, Japan, Korea and various parts of Asia, and experienced the Asian way of life, she is the best candidate to fuse Asian remedies with Western healing. With her credentials as a medical doctor, she is able to anticipate and pre-empt readers of the possible symptoms and discomfort when one embark on this diet. One plus-point you can't find in any other book!

The good thing about the Asian Detox Secrets is that it heals by focusing on the cause of illnesses and diseases, rather than the signs and symptoms. For instance, most people tried to relieve their constant headaches or migraines by massaging the head or eating the pain killers, however they are just relieving their body for the short term. The cure for constant headaches or migraines can be just as simple as massaging the right spot on the bottom of your leg. This report gives very interesting insights on little tips you won't be able to find anywhere on how you can improve your health.

Most problems begin with our lungs, how we breathe in the air determines how the oxygen flows in our body and how our lungs would function. This program focuses on all the foundations and basics from how to detoxify the polluted air you breathe in to detoxifying other parts of your body. Health problems that have shown to be improved by the Asian Detox Secrets include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, and diabetes.

The medical community has over the years been opened to the Asian alternative healing like acupuncture, reflexology, herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki etc. With the growth of the Asian health philosophy in the western culture, Asian Detox Secrets has been a revolutionary detox diet for the western community.

Comparing with other diets, you will not be forced to adhere strictly to a complicated diet and routine. The great thing about it is that you are given choices - based on your experience, especially with the exercises. You also have the flexibility to choose the difficulty of the diet. Unlike other diets, Asian Detox Secrets is a comparatively easier diet to complete yet is able to help you achieve the health benefits you wish to achieve.

Conclusion: Asian Detox Diet is a great way to kick start a long term healthy body program. You will discover some of the little habits you has detrimental effects on your body. It also offers a new and broad perspective on holistic health. It does not give extreme claims. Following the Asian Detox Program will definitely help you feel lighter, younger, and healthier. And lastly, you definitely can use Asian Detox Diet for a seasonal to long term type of detox if you are one who is conscientious about a healthy life.       
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