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Asian Rhinoplasty

In America, nose jobs are consistently among the top three cosmetic surgeries requested by the Asian population. There are different requirements typical to Caucasian and non-Caucasian rhinoplasty. For instance, whereas many Caucasians seek to reduce the size of their nose, Asians characteristically request augmentation of the nose.

Asian noses are generally wider and flatter than a ‘Roman’ nose. Therefore, nose jobs to increase the projection of the nose are common among this ethnic group. This is achievable through the insertion of implants. In order to achieve a natural looking nose which does not conflict with the ethnicity of the face, the surgeon will generally confine the implant to the bridge of the nose while leaving the tip unchanged. Implants are often made from silicone, which has been used for this cosmetic procedure for over 50 years and has proved very safe.

Surgery to narrow the appearance of the nostrils is also frequently requested by Asian patients. This will result in scarring, but in most patients the scarring will fade and become unnoticeable. If the patient feels their nose in general is too wide, the bones can be broken and reset to narrow the appearance of the nose. This can simultaneously achieve nasal projection without the use of implants, if desired. Increasing the tip of the nose can also be accomplished through using natural tissue, such as tissue removed from the inside of the septum (inner nose), as an implant. This is preferred by many surgeons to using artificial implants as the incidence of rejections is much lower.

When undertaking non-Caucasian rhinoplasty, the surgeon will take care to ensure the end result is subtle and will try to avoid producing a more typical ‘Caucasian’ nose, which may not flatter the face. Changing the ethnicity of the face is more likely to cause post-operative depression as the patient struggles to come to term with their new appearance, with Asian males being among the patients statistically most likely to undergo revision rhinoplasty.

All forms of rhinoplasty require a highly skilled plastic surgeon. However, with Asian rhinoplasty it is particularly important to spend time locating an experienced surgeon, preferably one with Asian rhinoplasty experience, in order to achieve a natural result. Whatever the ethnic origin of the rhinoplasty patient, the desired result is the same – the end result should enhance the face by producing a nose which compliments the other features.

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Leanne has written several articles on the subject of ethnic rhinoplasty, including black rhinoplasty