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Being Eco-Friendly

Who ever said “it’s not easy being green?” More than ever before, we are presented with opportunities to make eco-friendly changes in our lifestyles, and for good reason! Not only will these smart decisions help make the earth a better place, they are also sure to benefit ourselves, our families, and our wallets– so it’s really a win all situation! So if you want to start doing your part, but need a few thoughts starters, let us help you go green with these tips and ideas.

Alicia on: “Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff”
“Being eco-friendly doesn’t always require drastic changes in your day to day. Sure, it would be great if everyone could trade in their inefficient gas guzzlers for hybrid cars but there are also lots of little changes we can make that are sure to have major impacts. Even vowing to recycle one part of your garbage –like all those reminder notes you have for yourself or all that junk mail you receive everyday, is one step in the right direction. Another low commitment change: if you can skip a car ride – do so. After all, it’s a lot more fun taking my daughter for a bike ride than it is to get her into her car seat!”

Sarah on: “Give a Little in Return”
“We all know the emissions created by airline travel play a major part in global warming. But unfortunately, not everyone can curb the time they spend cramped up in planes – no matter how much they may want to! So, every time I hit the skies, I make sure to purchase a TerraPass along with my ticket. This non-profit organization calculates the emissions created by your travel and goes to “neutralize” the damage done by funding renewable energy sources – and all for less than the cost of most in-flight meals. A TerraPass can be purchased on their website or when you book through expedia.com, because good deeds and good deals should always go hand in hand!”

Go Green
Here are a few ways to help get you, your family, and your home into eco-friendly habits:

#1: Spend Wisely
A great first step in going green is to become a proactive shopper. So, next time you are at the food store, try to choose products that use recycled materials such as plastics and cardboards. Once you get back home, keep the trend going and make sure to recycle them yourself. Also, while you’re in the produce aisle, try to purchase fruits and veggies that forego insecticides. It’s definitely a healthier alternative for both the earth and your family!

#2: Teach Them Well
We all want the best for our children and teaching them good environmental habits is a great way to ensure a better future. By getting them into simple habits such as to turn off lights when they leave a room, not to leave the water running, and the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), you’ll be sure to instill values that will benefit your kids and the environment for years to come.

#3: Home Green Home
Despite our good intentions, it’s often easy to overlook a major step in becoming eco-friendly – our homes! Luckily, there are tons of ways to green-proof our abodes that are also friendly on our wallets. One simple trick is to use less energy to heat your home in the winter. Chances are you won’t notice if you lower your thermostat one degree but by doing so, you’ll save energy and up to ten percent on your heating bill. Another trick is to keep your freezer as packed as possible as less energy is consumed to freeze the open air. Finally, a real excuse to stock up on Ben & Jerry’s!

About the author 

We are the co-founders of Buttoned Up, inc., a company dedicated to helping stretched and stressed women get themselves organized (along with everybody else they’re responsible for too!). We welcome your thoughts! Please send ideas and questions to us at: yourlife@getbuttonedup.com or visit us at http://www.getbuttonedup.com