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10 Best Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs have been awarded a separate category of medicine for good reason. There is a huge number of Chinese herbs, the curative powers of which range from strengthening the immune system to inhibiting the growth of tumors to increasing sexuality.

There are many Chinese herbs including some that are considered common and some that are secrets zealously guarded by traditional Chinese herbalists. The following is a list of the 10 Best Chinese herbs:

1. Ginseng: Ginseng is a common root that enhances healing and rejuvenation. It helps to replenish body fluids and depleted energy. Ginseng also helps to remove toxins from the body and also stimulates sex glands. It is mildly bitter sweet to the taste.

2. Black & Red Reishi Mushrooms: These herbs are prized by the Chinese for helping to strengthen the immune system, enhance the impact of antioxidants, increase white blood corpuscle vitality and have an overall calming effect on the body. Reishi mushrooms have also been known to help reduce insomnia and female sexual dysfunction.

3. Lotus seed: The Lotus seed is another invaluable Chinese herb that tones the spleen and kidney and helps ease diarrhea. Lotus seeds also help to stimulate appetite and have a taste that is sweet to neutral.

4. Licorice root: The Licorice root is another well recognized Chinese herb because of its detoxification powers. It invigorates and cools down the body at the same time. Another use is as a natural sweetener.

5. Ginko Biloba: The Ginko Biloba is arguably the most ancient medicine of all Chinese herbs. It has time-tested curative effects on the lungs and the heart. It also fights coughs, asthma and chronic inflammation from allergies. It is also among the best herbal nutritional supplements around.

6. Ephedra: Ephedra, also know as ‘ma huang’, may be the world's oldest herb, cultivated for medicinal purposes nearly 5000 years ago. It fights asthma and stimulates blood pressure and heart function. Ephedra increases the secretion of adrenalin and stimulates certain glands, muscles and tissue functions.

7. Astralagus: This is a herb that has been used as an immunity booster in China for the last 4000 years. Astralagus helps increase the impaired immune function of blood cells up to and sometime beyond the normal cell capacity.

8. Prepared Aconite: Prepared Aconite is a powerful yang tonic. It is a Chinese herb that when used in excess, can become toxic. Aconite in its raw form is toxic. Also, overuse of Aconite can result in overheating of the body. It is never used alone and always combined with other herbs. Prepared Aconite is used to treat infertility, impotence, frequent urination, arthritis and rheumatism.

9. Albizzia Flower and Bark: The Albizzia flower and bark have long been utilized by the Chinese when one is experiencing emotional problems. This is an excellent Shen stabilizer and has superb calming properties.

10. Alisma: Alisma is yet another Chinese herb that strengthens water metabolism in the body. It is often used to fight obesity, especially for people who carry excess water weight. Alisma is also used by people who have trouble urinating and diabetics as well.

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