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5/10/2009-- Most Moms, like most people, will plead with you not to spend money on them for Mother's Day but can you imagine the dilemma if you turned up on Mother's Day with no present, no card, no flowers...or worse still, you didn't turn up or phone at all?

I don't really believe my Mom when she asks me not to get her anything. I wouldn't dream of turning up on the doorstep empty-handed. It's not because I've gone all commercial but because a card and flowers shows your Mom just how much you appreciate them and everything they've done for you.

Heck, if you can't send some flowers once a year to your Mom, it's a sorry state of affairs. You don't necessarily have to buy them, you can pick some flowers locally. Flowers are the perfect gift because they look good so they will play on your Mom's visual senses but they also smell delicious. The sense of smell is the most developed sense in humans and will have a remarkable effect as a smile spreads across your Mom's face.

I don't just take flowers around to my Mom on Mother's Day. I always try to go that bit further each year. Believe me it gets harder every year trying to top the previous year. I like to cook a homemade meal as well and take that around with the flowers.

Whilst taking Mom out to a fancy restaurant for Mother's Day lunch may be seen by some as too impersonal, it's a good tactic to have in the arsenal to surprise your Mom. I took mine out last year so this year I'm planning on doing something different like taking her to a fun park!

If you have a child yourself, your Mom will be their Grandmother so get them to make something homemade for your Mom as well.

Why don't you offer to clean your Mom's house in the morning, then take her out for the afternoon?

I guess, at the end of the day, even if you didn't buy your Mom a gift, she would still know that you love and appreciate her. It's just that a gift helps. There's no such thing as the perfect gift for your Mom, I like to think that in order to make Mom happy and really make her day, you would use a combination of the above and get her a card, flowers and a fancy day out. It doesn't have to be expensive, especially not in these economic times. Just be resourceful and creative.

Whatever you do, the last thing you want your Mom to be doing this Mother's Day is spending the day on her own with no contact from you.

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