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Best Skin Care Tip

At a Cafe the other day having coffee with a couple of friends they started talking about my glowing skin and then asked me what my best skin care tip would be? Without any hesitation, I was able to reply that one of my best skin care tips would be to stay away from all chemicals plus synthetic skin care products and use only genuine natural products.

Why am I so passionate about natural skin care products? Because genuine natural skin care products work. They do not contain any harmful chemicals either. These days humans are walking chemicals. Man made chemicals are in our food, water, medications and skincare and most things that we touch. No one is seeing any benefits from this myriad of chemicals. Babies and Children are developing illnesses that once upon a time might have occurred only in an elderly person if, at all.

In my best skin care tip I want to mention some of the chemicals you will find in skin care products and need to avoid. They are as follows:

#1 Dioxane is commonly used in skincare products. A synthetic derivative of coconut easily absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream. Proven to cause cancer.

#2 Alcohols, benzyl, methanol, isopropyl, ethyl alcohol and ethanol. Extremely drying and irritating, they will also strip away the protective barrier of the skin known as the acid mantle allowing bacteria to enter into your bloodstream.

#3 Parabens, ethyl paraben, butyl, methyl and propyl used as a preservative in a lot of skin care products and will cause various skin rashes and reactions. Research suggests that they cause cancer and affect the endocrine system.

#4 Mineral Oils, liquid paraffin, petrolatum and paraffin wax are used everywhere because they are cheap. These oils will clog skin pores which will prevent your skin from breathing leading to outbreaks of acne. They cause skin irritation and dependence as your skin drys out and premature aging. You probably know someone that has had a reaction to these mineral oils.

This does not demonstrate a good picture does it? I definitely do not allow these chemicals on my skin and from the above information, you can see why staying away from chemicals is my best skin care tip. So what can you apply to your skin for radiant beauty to enhance your skin and not cause any harm?

Natural products, of course. Scientific research has proven that we can utilize what nature has provided. I am talking about ingredients like natural vitamin E, not the ineffective synthetic kind that even top brand skin care companies use. Phytessence wakame which is a Japanese seaweed, Norwegian kelp, Manuka honey, Macadamia oil, Acocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Palm kernel oil, Jojoba oil, Passion flower extract, Babassu nut oil, Green clay, Silica derived from sand, Fruit, berry, plant, vegetable and herb extracts, Olivem from olive oil, Shea butter, Nutgrass, Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 (natural) and Cynergy TK.

There you have it,in my best skin care tip, some genuine, chemical free ingredients you can apply to your skin and feel it come alive.To find more information and skin care tips please clink on the link. You have nothing to lose, just the chemicals.     
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Emily Rae is a dedicated researcher of Natural Health, Natural Nutrition and Natural Anti Aging Skin Care. To find her results on Natural Anti Aging Skin Care for the best wrinkle free younger looking skin please click on her Website: