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Body Detox, Cleanse Your Body for Good Health

The longer you live the more chances you will accumulate toxins in the body. It is not uncommon to accumulate toxins from the environment you live in. A yearly cleanse is something everybody should consider to help keep the body's functioning properly and healthy.

Our bodies consistently detoxify itself every day and the primary organs that do this detox are the liver and kidneys. The body's own natural functions can cause toxins while trying to detox itself and these toxins can impair the body's ability to function efficiently, which can lead to debilitating disease and physical problems if left unchecked.

If you think you may have a toxic buildup in the body, there are some ways to know if the body needs to be detoxified. Some signs of toxic overload are fatigue, illness, constipation, gas, skin problems, nausea, PMS, depression, and poor circulation.

There are ways to rid the body of toxins naturally such as a cleansing or detox diet. Detoxification involves changes in diet along with an increase in fluid consumption specifically clean water. With a good dietary change, herbs can be used to help the detox process along.

We will first look at the liver. The liver is extremely important in ridding the body of toxins. The liver cleanses the blood and helps aid in digestion of the foods we eat. Everything we eat, breath, and absorb through the skin is processed by the liver; over time the liver can become over worked. When the liver becomes over worked it can not process and detox all the toxins entering the body, so the body will store these toxins and after years and years of storage, these toxins will cause disease.

The liver uses enzymes to break down toxins into water and fat soluble substances so that the kidneys and colon can eliminate them. The liver manufactures these enzymes upon demand. The more demand there is in the body, the more the liver is stressed and over time, damage can occur. There is hope from herbs like milk thistle, turmeric, licorice, and schizandra.

Milk thistle has a compound called Silymarin, shown in many studies to protect the liver. Milk thistle contains silybin, amines, thyramine, and histamine, known to fight toxins and help stimulate the production and flow of bile. Studies have shown that milk thistle can benefit severe liver disorders such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, as well as a general liver restoration and strengthening herb.

Turmeric is a spice used in Asian dishes but recent studies have found it to also be liver protective. Turmeric has similar properties to glycyrrhizin found in licorice. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and studies have shown turmeric to increase enzymes in the liver that prevents inflammation. Like milk thistle, turmeric can increase the bile output in the liver. Turmeric can also breakdown carcinogens and toxins so that these harmful chemicals can be eliminated from the body without doing the body any harm.

As mentioned above, licorice contains glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid which stimulates interferon production in the body. Interferons protect the immune system. Licorice contains liver protective properties preventing damage due to toxic exposure. Studies have shown that glycyrrhizin can help prevent cellular damage in the liver. Glycyrrhizin has been used to treat hepatitis B and has been shown to improve liver function as well as reduce the enzyme levels used to measure liver damage.

Schizandra in some studies have shown to protect the liver from toxic build up. This herb can also boost the immune system by helping the liver eliminate the toxins that have been building up in the body. Excess amounts of toxins in the body can lead to immune system disorders. Schizandra has also shown in studies to protect against the effects of alcohol in mice and other studies have shown this herb to have regenerative properties in the liver. The Chinese have used Schizandra for infectious hepatitis and also as a liver protecting herb it can encourage liver regeneration after injury or disease. Other herbs that are considered beneficial for the liver are dandelion, burdock, and barberry.

The kidneys are the second most important organ next to the liver for cleansing the body. All the blood in your body will pass through the kidneys many times each day. Your kidneys will filter out toxins into urine and help maintain a healthy electrolyte balance as well as manufacture regulatory hormones for blood pressure. The kidneys control the rate calcium is metabolized and aids in the production of red blood cells. Keeping the kidneys healthy is very important; there are some herbs available that can help stimulate kidney function such as, parsley, yarrow, dandelion, and kelp.

For many years, herbalists have known about parley and its properties. Parsley is a powerful diuretic often recommended for those with kidney problems. This herb has been shown to inhibit the re-absorption of salt into the body tissues which increases the herbs activity as a diuretic. Parsley helps to improve and increase urination allowing toxins to be eliminated more readily by the kidneys. One component found in parsley seed has been used in drugs to treat urinary and bladder infections.

Yarrow has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredient that gives yarrow this ability is called azulene. With urinary problem comes inflammation and herbs that can relieve inflammation can improve urination and alleviate and ease urination problems. Yarrow can also help regulate liver function.

Dandelion found in almost every yard in America is a great diuretic similar to parsley. Dandelion is high in potassium, when you are on diuretics potassium is eliminated from the body and needs to be replenished. Dandelion can be used to relieve water retention as well as help increase urine flow without causing an imbalance in potassium or the electrolytes in the body. Dandelion is a wonderful herb, in human studies have shown to increase bile flow which is beneficial to the liver, gallstones, jaundice, and the bile ducts. Dandelion is considered a bitter herb and its bitter properties have been shown to improve the release of toxins from the body.

The longer we live the more toxins our body will store, kelp is a wonderful herb found in the sea. Kelp has been shown to protect the body from absorption of toxic chemicals. One active component in kelp called sodium alginate which has been found to protect the body from radiation exposure and help the body remove heavy metals.

If you have never detoxified the body before, it is never too late to start today. Whether you choose to change your diet or purchase herbs for detox, cleansing the body will help fight disease, help your organs work better, and boost over all health. Herbs to detox the liver and kidneys can be found at your friendly online vitamin store. 

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