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5 Casual Basics for Summer

Summer is the time to take a break. You know. Kick back your heels, raise your feet on a stool and relax. Time to loosen up and go for breezy comfort.

There is no need to forgo your stylish image. These 5 comfortable pieces let you stay in style. At the same time, they offer your great mileage.

1. A comfortable white shirt. Get a men's style white shirt and wear it with khakis, jeans or a pencil skirt. That roomy classic goes with virtually everything in your wardrobe. For that sultry siren look, you could secure the shirt under your bust with a knot instead of buttoning it up. Or you could wear it as a super comfortable sleep shirt. You could get a new white shirt from the stores or you could raid your guy's wardrobe for a gorgeous white shirt.

2. A pair of jeans. If you fit into your favourite pair, that would do for summer. Nothing beats your favourite, broken in jeans when it comes to comfort. If your jeans are a tad too tight, go get yourself a new pair that fits. Well fitting clothing look better and make you look slimmer than too tight clothes.

3. Bright, roomy, summer dress A loose fitting dress in a bright color is a hot look every summer. This is especially evident for Spring/Summer 2008 if you watch the designer fashion shows. One thing about the tent dress or roomy, loose fitting clothes that do not define your waist is that unless you are really thin, you would look fatter in them. Modify the look by adding a sash or belt around your waist to define your figure. That way, you'll look amazing.

4. Tank Tops With summer's scorching heat, who needs sleeves? A sunblock would protect your skin so you can bare your arms in a breezy, sexy, tank top.

5. Skorts That's a cross between a miniskirt and shorts. Skorts are pretty hot right now. Like both shorts and miniskirts, you would flaunt your legs in them and by highlighting your legs, you make them look longer. Skorts offer you the feminine look of a very short skirt without the risk of wardrobe malfunction should you bend over.  
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