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Teaching Your Children to Go Green

Many adults know the benefits of going green, but are your children aware of the impact they may be having on the environment? Below are five unique ideas for teaching your kids why it's important to green while also showing them how to do it hands on.

If you can, enroll your child in a Michigan Green School

By sending your kids to a green school, they will learn about reducing, reusing and recycling on a daily basis - this is something that other schools may not incorporate into their curriculum.

Teach your kids how to recycle

Make sure your children understand the importance of recycling. You can do this by having them help with your recycling routine - you can teach them which items can be recycled and which one's can't, while also showing them how to sort the items.

Tell your children that the little things matter

Whether it's turning off the light in an unoccupied room, shutting off the water while you brush your teeth or closing the window while the air conditioning is running, every little effort to protect the environment and lower your bills counts.

Purchase green toys for your little ones

Companies like Green Toys, which is based in California, offer toys for young children that are both safe and eco-friendly. You can purchase Green Toys products at Toys R Us, or you can check out what's in your area as far as independently owned toy stores that may carry green options.

Instruct your family to eat healthy

Buying fresh, organic produce and feeding it to your children from an early age can get them into the habit of loving what's good for them. Raising your kids on a fast-food diet can show them that it doesn't matter what food you put into your body. Because it does matter and can affect their health later in life, showing them the right foods to eat can be an effective way of getting the point across.

About the author 

Jennifer Griffin is a writer for http://GreeningDetroit.com, an online directory of green products and services. She writes various news articles pertaining to green events happening in the metro Detroit region. She also writes for the company's Green Grassroots Blog, in which she writes about people, companies and organizations in Michigan that are "going green." Jennifer is currently pursuing a degree in Journalism and English from Wayne State University, and she is also a contributing writer for WSU's student newspaper, The South End