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5/17/2009-- Chinese diet and American diet are quite different to each other- Chinese foods are mostly prepared with vegetables and American foods are known to be junk and are prepared with animal fats. But Chinese restaurateurs, after modifying their Chinese cuisine according to Caucasian American tastes, they have developed American Chinese cuisine in the 19th century.

There are huge differences between American and Chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisines emphasize vegetables. They use mostly tomatoes and carrots for garnishing. Native Chinese cuisines use Asian leafy vegetables like "bok choi" and "kai-lan" and put a greater emphasis on seafood and meat. Whereas compared to American cuisines, it makes use of animal fat at a greater extent. One fact is that one third of the American diet contains junk food and soft drinks. This is one among the reasons causing obesity in Americans.

On the other hand Chinese diet is famous as one of the healthiest diet. It is healthy, fulfilling and fights the illness while prolonging the life. However, Chinese food has got some bad reputation in United Kingdom (UK). The fatty meat dishes and rice heavy meals are thought to lead to obesity and heart diseases. However, health experts say that everything depends on the way the dishes are prepared.

Nowadays, most of the restaurants in America are including American Chinese cuisines in their menus. It's a kind of mixture of both the cuisines. Some popular dishes are- General Tso's Chicken (chunks of chicken are deep fried and are finished with ginger, garlic,sesame oit, etc), sesame chicken, Chinese chicken salad, "chop suey", "chow mein", crab Rangoon, fortune cookie and fried rice.

There are some regional American Chinese dishes as well, like "chow mein" sandwich, "chop suey" sandwich and so on.
One interesting fact is that, American Chinese cuisines often use ingredients that are not native and rarely used in China. One good example is broccoli; this is an often used ingredient in American Chinese cuisine which is not found in China. Also, there are some Americanized versions of native Chinese dishes; some examples are batter-fried meat, egg drop soup, "kung pao" chicken, "lo mein", "moo shu pork" and "wanton soup".

There is no doubt that Chinese cuisines are known for being healthy. A combination of both American and Chinese cuisines might just be the best combination that would have both great tastes and health benefits.

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