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Chinese Cars, A True Automobile Revolution

In 2007, the Chinese automobile market is placed second on the international level, and the manufacturers of Chinese cars start to want to be established and to diffuse throughout the world. Today, there is a great number of marks and manufacturers of Chinese cars, (meadows of 1500 through the country) like FAW (first automobile works), Dongfeng, Chery, Geely, Brillance…. Some of these marks look after their image and even think of being established abroad like Chery in Turkey, which also made an agreement with the Volkswagen group to sell .

Chinese cars in Europe. In 2006, the manufacturers sold more than 7 million Chinese cars, that is to say a rise of more than 27% compared to 2005. China thus becomes the third larger manufacturer of the world, behind the United States and Europe. Thus, this year, the company Asia car has just become the first importer of Chinese cars in France (Landwind and Brilliance), with more than 140 points of sale. But what happen does safety and quality? Today, one realizes that the results carried out at the time of the crash landing test, show that the Chinese manufacturers are still far from the European and American manufacturers. However, as it proves it in other branches of industry,

China is able to react quickly and to make in kind arrive at the same level of safety as its foreign competitors. From a qualitative point of view, the Chinese cars have to face a keen demand and the problems come as well from elements which are without danger as of elements likely to involve risks for the passengers. The living room of Shangaļ which took place in 2007, was the occasion for China to show that of which it was able as regards automotive engineering. The knowledge to make, the technicality and the reliability of the foreign manufacturers will make it possible to make evolve the Chinese cars to a pledge of quality and reliability which until now was slightly lacking to him. This evolution is necessary, if the European and American manufacturers want to also make manufacture their vehicles in China.