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Different countries of the world have different clothing styles which are specific to their respective countries. Their traditional clothing will be something other people from other parts of the world will be pretty interested in wearing and using. Some people wear costumes and garments from different countries for a themed party, a wedding or just for the fun of it.

To get the best of the dress you intend to buy, it is better to buy the garment from a local manufacturer or tailor. If you are interested in buying and wearing Chinese garments, it is always better to buy it from companies specialized in Chinese garments. You can use the Internet to find websites and online stores of stores specialized in Chinese garments. With the Internet, anyone can easily and conveniently buy Chinese garments sitting in the comfort of their own homes.

Choose the more reputed sites, and on browsing through the site, and finding Chinese garments that interest you, you just have to send an email for a quotation from the company to verify if the company has Chinese garments that meet your requirements and size. There are also some companies that are more than ready to develop counter samples of Chinese garments of your preferred design or sample.

The most traditional Chinese garments worth buying are the cheongsam or qipao as they are better known. The cheongsam is a female dress having distinctive Chinese features that is growing very much popular in the international world of fashion. This is a body hugging dress that has its origins in the Manchus, early in the 17th century. It was then modernized and improved in Shanghai around 1900.This is a dress that fits well with the Chinese female figure and has a high neck, closed collar and the choice of long, short or medium sleeves depends on you. The cheongsam is buttoned on the right or left side, has a loose chest, a fitting waist with slits on the sides to set off the elegance of the female body. The cheongsam is one of the Chinese garments that are easy to make with minimal material and has no accessories to use like belts, sashes, scarves or frills. This dress is usually the first choice in Chinese garments, and many people even suggest making it the national dress of women in China.

Men are usually seen wearing the traditional long gown in formal occasions, and women, the cheongsam. Though the design is the same, it is with variations in height, length, width and the ornamentation of the collar, sleeves and cut of the Chinese garment that produces Chinese garments of different designs and styles. Macramé is sometimes used to decorate the shoulders, pockets, seams and openings of Chinese garments. Some combinations of traditional and modern fashion elements are the modern bridal tiara and the embroidered sash using the traditional colors of blue, red and green. Today when creating Chinese garments, fashion designers usually use a mixture of traditional and modern ideas to make new fashions. These fashions use age-old motifs like lions, masks of Chinese opera characters and guardian deities. Sometimes distinctive designs of dragons, phoenixes, lightning and clouds are also used in Chinese garments

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