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Traditional Chinese Masks

Chinese masks are legend. The tradition of mask making in China and other Asian countries reflect the religious and culturally rich customs of each specific group of people. From the Buddhist masks of Tibet to the royal masks of Beijing, Asia’s love of masks is abundant. You can get in on this tradition by using Chinese masks in your home. Let us help you find and decorate with some beautiful Chinese masks.

Before you can purchase any Chinese masks, you have to decide what kind of masks you are interested in. The many different areas of China each reflect a different type of culture. You might choose to buy traditional painted wood masks. Or perhaps you’d rather have a golden dragon mask. The kind of mask you buy depends partly on your budget. Some wooden reproduction masks can cost less than $50; while authentic gold and other metal masks can set you back thousands of dollars.

Once you decide what kind of Chinese masks to buy, you are ready to shop. For affordable masks you might consider checking out your local import store. Whether it is a chain store, or a smaller low-volume merchant, you should have quite a bit of luck at a store that specializes in foreign items. Or check out a local decorating or furniture store. These places often have reproduction items for sale at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for authentic Chinese masks, however, you might have a little more work ahead of you. The internet is a good place to find authentic items. From auction sites to sites set up by merchants in China, your options are endless via the web. If you are not quite comfortable taking the plunge online, or you are not well-versed in the internet, you can head to your local antique stores and auctions instead. The most important thing when shopping for authentic items is to know your seller. Ask plenty of questions and read up on the history of the website or store if you can find it.

Now that you have purchased one or more beautiful Chinese masks, you are ready to decorate. There are many ways to use ancient Asian masks in your home. Consider placing a large gold mask in a grand living room or foyer. Add a golden Buddha and some jade and you’ll have a palatial entertaining spot. Or use a wooden mask in a room with neutral colors and fabrics. Either way, your new Chinese décor will thrill all your guests.

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