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Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acne

If you've been suffering from acne from sometime and nothing has helped, consider using some Chinese treatment methods for acne. Unlike Western methods of treating acne with oral medications and antibiotics, Chinese medicine treats acne from the roots and addresses the cause of acne, which is an internal imbalance.

How do Chinese medicine for acne work? They involve healing your internal organs and understanding what makes them ill. First you will need to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor for a full check. He or she will study your blood pressure and measure your pulse.

After which you will be given some Chinese herbs to brew and drink on an everyday basis. These herbs are all natural and their job is to detoxify your body from the inside-out. Unlike western medicine, they are not created to eliminate bacteria so you don't have to worry about supplementing your diet with probiotics so you can get back healthy bacteria in your system.

As with all types of acne treatments, Chinese medicine requires consistent effort in application. You can't just take a few herbs and brew them for a drink in one day and expect your acne to be cured. You need to adjust your entire diet and lifestyle while allowing the Chinese herbs to be the core supplements of your diet.

The physician you see will offer you some advice on what specific foods to avoid after he or she does a thorough analysis of your internal system and physical make-up. In general, there are some foods that you should avoid this includes foods that are high in sugar or foods that are deep fried and oily.

It is of vital important that you follow the instructions of the physician and avoid these foods while taking your Chinese medication regularly. This will help greatly in your quest to get rid of acne.         
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