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Chinese Medicine for Aging

Aging is a natural process. But that doesn't mean you would just have to sit back and let it take its toll on your face. There are ways you can delay the signs of aging. And it is all but a matter of using the right procedure for it. When it comes to aging, it is best that you use the most natural of ingredients available to you for a no side effect guarantee. Most Chinese medicines used for aging are derived from nature itself. You are free to try it and make wrinkles disappear from your face.

Duanwood Reishi is a Chinese herb that you will find as the main ingredient of most Chinese formula for aging. Its anti-aging properties can help subtract years from your face with regular use. But aside from that, this herb can also increase your vitality, as well as improve your mental focus. It can also make your immunity stronger and initiate spiritual growth from inside you. Duanwood Reishi as a part of most Chinese anti-aging formulation is usually sold in the form of tincture or oil extract. Only a few drops per day are needed to enjoy its anti-aging abilities.

Cordyceps is another Chinese herb popularly used against aging. It is a substance that can rejuvenate the body and replenish the Yin and Yang Jing. It works by restoring the energy that is deeply embedded in the system to withstand the effects of both aging and stress. Aside from that, Cordyceps is a lung tonic that increases both the capacity and the efficiency of the organ. This herb is a tonic mushroom that can modulate the immunity system agents. It usually comes in the form of capsules. Just two to three capsules twice a day is enough to make you look beautiful and young for a long, long time.

The Chinese Mountain Ant extract is another Chinese medicine for aging. It can prolong one's life with increased vitality, fertility, and virility. This tonic is actually used in many Chinese beauty products. This extract is very rare in the West as they can only be processed and manufactured in the Asian regions. Aside from its aesthetic effects, this tonic can also calm anxiety, improve digestion, and promotes a restful sleep.

More Chinese medicines for aging are:

Cure Aging With Acupuncture

A Chinese formula that is used to help people stay healthy and remain energetic as they were in their prime years.

It is consumed to regenerate the cells and promote longevity. A combination of various Chinese tonic herbs, these work by rejuvenating all the organs keeping them alive and healthy. These can be taken for long durations with no worry about side effects. It contains Shen, Qi and Jing which is what we need to remain young.

Chinese Food items For Aging

If a person were to include mushrooms, sesame, honey, lotus root, melons and wheat in their diet on a regular basis they could beat the age battle and remain in their youth.

Apart from this strawberries, soya nuts are also natural anti aging food items that can be included.

Bath and massaging For Aging

Relaxing in a herbal bath with a paste made using lily buds, mung beans, resin, sandlewood and monkshoood is an ancient beauty remedy to fight any signs of aging.

Massage using pearl powder is also very effective.

These Chinese herbs and medicines for aging are now widely accepted and used all over the world. The potency of Chinese medicine is slowly penetrating the Western part of the world. It is now up to you to prove its effectiveness on your skin.     
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