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愛的故事 - 羅密歐與茱麗葉 胡思亂想 K One, Ivy

Jay Chou (Feng)

Lemon Tree (music video)

老鼠爱大米MV -Twins (mandarin version)

Yang Chen Lin - Luan Wei

Cecilia Cheung - Wishing Upon A Star

S.H.E - Wo Ai Ni & Tong Kuai (Live)

Fairytale Chinese Music Video

A nice MV with a sad ending. According to a post on YouTube, "...this song is about a girl, who tells him that she doesnt believe in fairy tales anymore, because all of them arent true. In this song he sings that he wants to become the angel and open his hands to become wings to protect her, he says that she must believe that they will end like in the fairy tales..."

Luo Zhi Xiang Feat Xiao S 恋爱达人

Jay Chou @

A nearly 3 minutes long vdo of Jay Shou playing Nocturne on piano at Hito as a promotion for his November Chopin album.

Guang Liang-Di Yi Tzi (First Time)

MV of Guang Liang. Very nice MV with a touching story. I think Guang Liang and Jay Chou really have something in common. They are very popular Chinese pop singers who can play a very romantic piano.

Tension feat Eugene MV

Tension's MV featuring Eugene (Korean singer). Three languages (English, Chinese, and Korean) are spoken in this music video.

S.H.E - where is my love