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Positive Power of Chinese Numbers

The Chinese feel so strongly about the power of certain numbers they are willing to pay very large money to use them. Some numbers appear auspicious to the Chinese because they sound like favorable words. By definition auspicious means favored by fortune, prosperous, or fortunate. Who wouldn't want to identify with such a number ?

Of course some say these are no more than superstitions and there is no meaning to any number. There are skeptics who question anything that does not fit into their worldview limited by conventional wisdom and the constraints of strict materialistic scientific thinking. The advent of Quantum Theory has stretched materialistic science so it is beginning to include spiritual ideas like human consciousness, until now unheard of in the scientific community.

It is difficult to use materialistic science to prove many things people believe and such ideas are simply tossed aside as ridiculous and untrue. My own feeling is, if a person believes something is true and it works for them in some instances, then it is true for that person in those circumstances. Skeptics disclaim the power of prayer, meditation, luck, use of the subconscious mind, most New age ideas, and everything outside the realm of conventional thinking. See the resource block for sources of information on these ideas.

Many of these ideas have brought me, personally, through difficult situations including eminent death for 20 years. I believe in the ability of all these ideas under certain circumstances; they work for me. If you don't try them, how will you know they aren't true? Do you believe every news report, every lawyer, every doctor, every any other "authority?" You shouldn't. You need to take responsibility and empower yourself to look after yourself. Nobody knows everything.

The Chinese language consists of many dialects and sometimes the words have different meanings. But generally speaking these are some of the most positive numbers:

TWO means good things come in pairs. This leads to the use of double figures for more good. In Cantonese the number sounds like "easy" and is thus a preferred term.

SIX is thought to mean everything is going smoothly. The number 666 is displayed in many shops as a lucky sign; quite a contrast to the Western belief this is the demonic Number Of The Beast!

EIGHT sounds similar to prosper, wealth, and fortune. The Summer Olympics in Beijing are scheduled to open 8/8/08 at 8:08:08 PM. They truly believe in this number. And the International Herald Tribune, Asia-Pacific edition, reports a regional Chinese airline paid $300,000 for the telephone number 8888 8888.

NINE is long-lasting.

518 means I will prosper.

521 says "I love you."

Perhaps you can associate with some of these numbers. There is nothing to lose, and if they make you feel more confident you have received a benefit without risking anything.

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