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3 Successful Chinese Skin Care Methods

When thinking in terms of successful Chinese skin care methods, one has to consider that it does not only relate to beauty. Chinese skin care methods also encompass different aspects health. This actually makes good sense as the skin is the largest organ in the human body. The Chinese acknowledge that the skin is the most vital organ as it protects the body is its first level of defense against diseases and illnesses.

If you do not care for your skin properly, conditions could develop. They range from peeling, dryness, itching, to pimple growths and more. These conditions, if not well cared for may worsen and last for months or even years at times. Like your hair and nails, the skin also needs to be well cared for and protected.

The Chinese believe that the skin is associated with the amount heat in the blood. Accordingly, the food consumed by people greatly affects the quality of the skin. For example, eating excessive spicy, greasy or deep fried foods cause heatedness in the body, resulting in certain skin types developing acne or dried skin. They also attribute certain seafood to skin problems, such as shellfish and mussels. As such, one should not take excessive amounts of any type of food in order to maintain a good skin texture.

Another cause of poor skin quality is the lack of sleep or excessive late nights, as it has negative effects on the liver, thus causing skin problems. If the body is not well rested, the liver becomes over active and toxins remain active in the blood stream. Also, not drinking enough of the right kinds of fluids and having insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits are other causes.

Other than the above mentioned skin care tips, here are 3 successful Chinese skin care methods that you should consider using.

1. Detoxify the Liver - According to Chinese traditional skin care techniques it is very important to detoxify, cleanse and calm the liver. The liver has an impact on every other organ in the body and the skin being its largest organ, is often the first to be affected by toxins. There are a number of Chinese herbal remedies available to help in the detoxification process; however, personal diet is the first consideration. Other than eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, one should also cut out processed and greasy foods to help detoxify the liver. Chinese herbal and root teas will also assist and support the liver through the detoxification process.

2. Moisturize the Skin - Chinese traditional medicine has also included moisturizing products for the skin as a key component. All of the moisturizing products used are completely organic, herbal and natural. For centuries, the Chinese have also included the Mother of Pearl in their skin moisturizing products as it enhances the beauty of the skin.

3. Nourish the blood - The third successful Chinese skin care method is vital as the blood nourishes the entire bodily system. Again, there are many different types of tonics available in today's market that nourishes the blood. They have been used for centuries and often contain Ginseng or Dong Quai.

Effectively, tradition Chinese medicine prescribes that dietary and lifestyle changes need to take place constantly for successful skin care methods to work. This, together with the application of various techniques, herbal remedies, tonics and skin care products will ensure that the skin is kept clean, moisturized and healthy. They also ensure that the overall health of the individual is kept at its best.    
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