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Why Chinese Soups Are Beneficial

Chinese soups are beneficial for many reasons. When you cook vegetables and meat in water, it releases a large amount of nutrients. By ingesting this water, you can absorb many nutrients without absorbing too many calories. This makes these dishes ideal for losing weight. For people who are lactose intolerant, Chinese soups with bone are a great way to absorb calcium ions that prevent or treat osteoporosis. The heat from some of these soups also increases circulation near the windpipe and throat, making it ideal to treat coughs and sore throats. Constipation is even relieved through the fiber content of Chinese soups.

There are many different kinds of Chinese soups that you can make. If you think you might enjoy something spiced with white pepper and red wine vinegar, Hot and Sour Soup may be your choice. One of the most popular Chinese soups is Wonton Soup. Won ton means floating cloud, and the wontons in the soup are thought to look like clouds. Another popular soup that you'll find in nearly any Chinese food restaurant is Egg Drop Soup, which is quite easy to make. Like Egg Drop Soup, West Lake Beef Soup also uses eggs in its recipe, along with marinated beef, cilantro, and green onions mixed in a seasoned broth.

You can make delicious dishes in a variety of ways. You can simmer, double boil, or steam cook Chinese soups. Simmered soups are intended to boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2-3 hours. On the other hand, double boiling involves cooking soup with heated water as opposed to a direct heat source. This form of cooking takes up to 4 hours. Steam cooking uses steam to cook ingredients until they become delicate; their cooking time can vary.

You can cook your Chinese soups in a single pot if you'd like; however using certain cooking pots may make your job easier. For the best results you can use a slow cooker, a Chinese double boiling jar, a thermal cooker, or a rice cooker. The slow cooker is great for simmering soups. A Chinese double boiling jar is basically a steaming pot for soups. A thermal cooker takes at least 6 hours to cook soup ingredients, but the advantage is that it uses very little energy, making it a favorite among environmentally conscious people. Rice cookers cook rice found in soups along with other soup ingredients like congee.

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