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Watch Chinese Satellite TV on PC

Technology has advanced with such fast pace that it has enabled us to watch LIVE TV, or specifically watch Chinese satellite TV on PCs. Not only so, we also get to listen to radio stations as well through satellite. But if you are really keen to know what do you need to watch Chinese satellite TV on PC, then you need to read on to find out more.

What Do I Need To Watch Chinese Satellite TV On PC?

We will talk about the hardware approach used to watch Chinese satellite TV on PC. Firstly, you need a special hardware called a PCTV card. These cards can be purchased from your local computer hardware shops. There are two kinds available in the market. One kind requires a physical installation within your computer meaning that you need to strip your PC to the bone and fix the fellow on your motherboard. Another type, a simpler quite hands-free type is to plug it into the USB port of your computer and it is ready to go.

Once you have installed the cards, the cards would then be ready to receive the satellite TV feeds and decode them into viewable TV content on your monitor so that you can watch Chinese satellite TV on PC. They make use of what is commonly known as free to air (FTA) satellite TV signals. Such TV signals come from FTA TV stations. If you are watching Chinese satellite TV, then your sources would be from the Chinese speaking nations like China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and others.

Different PCTV cards have different features. When you are purchasing the card to watch Chinese satellite TV on PC, you can check out with the retailer on the special features. Some unique features may include being able to record shows and watch split channels meaning different channels on the same screen. But it may not be what you want as the pictures get squeezed onto your monitor into small image midgets that is straining on your eyes. Of course, you can always wire the output of your PC into the video-input of your 40 inch TV for clearer views. But that requires extra video hardware to be installed on your computer before you can watch Chinese satellite TV on your TV set.

Before you get too excited and starting buying any card that looks great to watch Chinese satellite TV on your PC, be sure to check your PC system and the compatibility of the card. Look at your computer system and find out the RAM and CPU processing speed. Generally, a Pentium II is good enough for most PCTV cards. Another thing to find out is your computer's operating system. It should be a windows system, probably Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

With all that in place, you can instantly watch Chinese satellite TV on PC. Other than Chinese satellite TV channels, you would discover that your card also allows you to receive channels from other countries as well. But I have to prepare you mentally first that PCTV cards are not cheap and can easily set you back by a few hundred dollars. This price tag can effectively hinder most average families from putting in the cash to purchase.

Even so, people should never be robbed of an opportunity to watch Chinese satellite TV on PC. This is precisely why TV viewers welcome PC satellite TV software that can deliver quality satellite TV to your PC at a fraction of the cost. Several software comes with more than 2000 stations ready for viewing so you get to watch more than just Chinese satellite TV channels but other language channels as well from English movies and TV shows to Tamil movies.

Looking at the versatility of PC satellite TV software, people who watch Chinese satellite TV on PC are getting more bargain for their bucks. Keen to find out more? Visit my satellite TV blog to discover how you can use the same technology to watch Chinese satellite TV instantly on cheap.

About the Author:

Davion is a self-proclaimed TV fanatic. Read more on how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE sports channels, news channels and movies for zilch dollar. Also read his popular article on how to watch satellite TV on PC instantly for pennies