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Chinese Wedding Slippers

If you are looking to add some tradition and history to your wedding day, you might consider Chinese wedding slippers. In a culture where indoor shoe use is considered taboo, the wedding day slipper is an important part of a bride’s wardrobe. You might choose to incorporate this tradition whether you have Asian heritage or not. There are many reasons to select a pair of slippers for your wedding day.

Chinese wedding slippers can be worn for a number of reasons. You might choose to honor your heritage with a pair of lovely satin slippers. Or you might be looking for optimum comfort on a day when extended standing is required. On the other hand, you might just be drawn to the slipper idea for style reasons. Whatever the case, a pair of Chinese wedding slippers is the perfect choice.

Chinese wedding slippers are traditionally made in rich red tones. This is because the traditional Chinese wedding dress is also red. A pair of authentic Chinese wedding slippers can be found in deep red with gold, green or blue embroidery. You might choose to purchase a pair for your daughter or granddaughter as a gift, and help her carry on the tradition.

On the other hand, you might prefer a pair of Chinese wedding slippers in a different color. This is especially true if you are choosing wedding slippers for comfort or style purposes instead of heritage or traditional reasons. Wedding slippers these days are available in almost any color. You can find a pair in white or cream to match your dress perfectly. Or choose pink or light blue for a subtle twist. Or you might select an ornate pair in gold, silver or bronze. Whatever color you choose, you’ll be pleased with this bridal footwear choice.

A pair of Chinese wedding slippers can be purchased almost anywhere. You should ask the bridal consultant at the shop where you are purchasing your dress what wedding day slipper options they have available. Or you might find a great pair in a specialty shoe store. And don’t be afraid to spend as much as you need to get the slippers you want. They will still most likely be more affordable than a pair of wedding shoes. And you’ll get more use out of them once the wedding is over. Wear them again and again for comfort and fond memories in your post-nuptial bedroom. 

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