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02/24/2017 08:15 PM
Apple iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
Can Apple regain its tablet mojo after years of sagging sales?
02/24/2017 03:37 PM
Spinn Coffee Maker Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
Startup Spinn talks big about its unique coffee maker and hopefully it's justified.
02/24/2017 03:04 PM
LG OLEDE7P series Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
The LG C7 series is the least expensive model announced so far, yet promises identical picture quality to more-expensive LG OLED TVs.
02/24/2017 01:26 PM
Petnet SmartFeeder review - CNET
I wanted to love Petnet's $149 SmartFeeder, but my dog had other plans.
02/24/2017 06:09 AM
2017 Jeep Compass Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow
Like a modern take on the Wrangler, the all-new Jeep Compass combines go-anywhere capability with small SUV practicality, and even improves a little on its sibling model's road manners.
02/23/2017 11:20 PM
LG X Power2 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
The X Power 2 features a 5.5-inch display, Android Nougat and a whopping 4,500mAh battery.
02/23/2017 05:08 PM
2017 Bentley Continental Supersports Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow
The new, limited edition Supersports boasts a 700 horsepower engine encased in a Continental body featuring fine British coachwork.
02/24/2017 08:44 AM
2017 Land Rover Discovery Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow
Land Rover's upscale off-roader gets a lot more tech, family style.
02/22/2017 06:00 PM
Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro review - CNET
The tape deck king is back with a powerful sound bar. It has a good mix of features, including dedicated surround speakers and 4K HDMI.
02/24/2017 03:07 PM
Neato Botvac D5 Connected review - CNET
Navigate away from the app-linked Neato Botvac D5 Connected robot vacuum.
02/22/2017 09:30 PM
2018 Kia Stinger Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow
Kia's new Stinger features aggressive looks and an exciting driving dynamic not seen on any Korean vehicle until now.
02/22/2017 04:16 PM
Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
Samsung's next big phone (phones, really) has a curved screen and comes with its own "Bixby" AI assistant.
02/22/2017 08:00 AM
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
Too soon to talk Note? Not exactly. Samsung already told us two important things.
02/22/2017 08:00 AM
Electrolux EI30EF45QS review - CNET
You'll churn out meals fast with the Electrolux EI30EF45QS, an electric slide-in range that cooks food quickly and evenly.
02/22/2017 12:00 PM
MSI VR One backpack PC review - CNET
VR-ready backpacks like the MSI VR One try to untangle virtual reality's cable mess.
02/23/2017 09:58 AM
Oppo R9s Plus Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
The larger 6-inch version of the Oppo R9s improves on the excellent camera by packing in optical image stabilization.
02/22/2017 11:08 AM
Here One review - CNET
Doppler Lab's new totally wireless earbuds don't quite live up to the hype, but these feature-laden headphones are one of the best AirPods alternatives we've tested to date.
02/21/2017 08:00 AM
U by Moen Smart Shower review - CNET
No, the U by Moen Smart Shower isn't a connected gadget meant for a casual upgrade, but if you're remodeling to something fancy anyway, the price and the smarts make sense.
02/21/2017 06:14 AM
Meitu T8 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
The front 12-megapixel front shooter features optical image stabilzation and smart beautification software for that perfect Instagram shot.
02/20/2017 11:17 AM
Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote review - CNET
The inexpensive Amazon Fire TV Stick now includes a mic-equipped remote allowing access to voice search, playback commands and yes Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant. But can it beat Roku?
02/22/2017 05:29 PM
2017 Hyundai Ioniq Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow
With hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric variants, the Hyundai Ioniq challenges all of its green rivals at once.
02/20/2017 09:15 AM
Snapchat Spectacles review - CNET
You don't need to be young to use Spectacles, just young at heart.
02/20/2017 07:00 AM
Razer Blade Pro review - CNET
Top performance matched with stunning design, Razer's 17-inch gaming laptop is impressive and at nearly $4,000, Razer must think so, too.
02/20/2017 09:13 AM
Horizon Zero Dawn review - CNET
Horizon Zero Dawn is an ambitious open-world RPG that's filled with moments of greatness but a number of shortcomings chip away at the total package.
02/18/2017 12:14 PM
Simon Optix Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
Hasbro's newest version of Simon is glowing, wearable headgear.




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