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03/20/2018 04:47 PM

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
"Letting anyone publish anything for free and get rewarded based on the attention that they can drive was -- is a bad concept in itself," says Ev Williams.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Wonders of the universe

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Mihir Garimella is making drones that go where humans can't
Drones can enter dangerous environments where humans cannot. But what if a drone could stop disasters from happening in the first place?

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
It seems like every week we're finding new uses for drones. Here's some of the most interesting out there today.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
How a company founded by ex-spies uses AI to fight hackers
Cybersecurity firm Darktrace uses artificial intelligence to stop cyber attacks before they even start.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
A global heatmap from GPS-tracking company Strava that tracks people's exercise habits could pose security risks for military forces around the world.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Digital artist Jan Frojdman spent three weeks shifting through 33,000 images obtained from NASA to create this 3D model of Mars.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
New lifesaving drone rescues swimmers
A new lifesaving drone has been used to rescue two teenagers from the rough seas off the coast of Australia's Lennox Head, New South Wales.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Two swimmers were in serious trouble off the coast of Australia, until a drone came to their rescue.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
All stories start somewhere, and the story of the driverless car begins in a research lab in Pittsburgh, where Carnegie Mellon University Professor Red Whittaker was one of the first to develop a fully autonomous driving machine.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
The programs controlling driverless cars are computers, after all, and all computers are hackable.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
More than 1.25 million people die every year in auto accidents. Driverless cars could change that.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Autonomous vehicles will reshape how we live in more ways than you think.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Are we prepared for a massive disruption in the jobs market?

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Say goodbye to humans behind the wheel. Self-driving cars are coming faster than you think, and the changes they bring will reach far beyond our roads. Meet the companies building our driverless future and find out what to expect when machines take the wheel.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
Below the surface of the Internet we all know, lies a deeper, darker web where a piece of your personal data may end up.

03/20/2018 04:47 PM
People who quit Twitter in 2017
Some big names grounded their Twitter birds this year. But why?







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