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03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Peloton sued over use of songs in workout videos
Peloton is being sued for alleged copyright infringement related to the use of certain songs in its workout videos.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
The world is coming after Silicon Valley. Tech companies must evolve to survive
The world is coming after Silicon Valley. Tech faces serious threats to its business. Companies could be broken up. People could flee the services.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Mark Zuckerberg's new Facebook plan could make it harder to stop spread of violent videos
Facebook's privacy plan to end-to-end encryption on its various messaging platforms could make it harder to stop the spread of certain videos.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
How Europe is forcing Google to change
Europe has gone after Google with tough new regulations, court battles and massive antitrust fines, forcing the company to change how it does business in the lucrative market.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
How parents are talking to kids about violent content online
When live-streamed video of the New Zealand mosque massacre surfaced on social media sites last week, Joey Fortman, the founder of lifestyle site RealityMoms, sat down with her husband to discuss how to talk about the topic with their two sons, ages 6 and 10.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Apple announces AirPods 2 with wireless charging case, better battery life and 'Hey Siri'
AirPods 2 feature a wireless charging case, improved battery life and hands-free access to its Siri voice assistant.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Europe hits Google with a third, $1.7 billion antitrust fine
Europe has slapped Google with another big antitrust fine, the third in a series of billion-dollar penalties the US tech giant has faced for hindering competition.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
A city in South Korea has designed new technology that alerts distracted smartphone users they are approaching traffic. CNN's Michael Holmes has the details.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Facebook settles lawsuits alleging discriminatory ads
Facebook is settling several lawsuits that alleged its advertising platform allowed for discrimination in ads about housing, employment and credit.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Glossier started as a beauty blog and is now valued at $1 billion
After its latest round of funding, Glossier is now valued at $1.2 billion.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Apple announces faster, smarter iMacs
Apple is on a product launch spree ahead of its spring press event. The company announced on Tuesday its iMac line is getting a refresh after nearly 14 months.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Facebook apologizes after mistaking Trump social media director for a bot
Facebook on Tuesday said it had apologized to White House social media director Dan Scavino for temporarily blocking some features on his account for a few hours on Monday.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Google skips the console and launches Stadia video game streaming service
Google is not making a gaming console. It is, however, launching a streaming service just for video games that will work on any TV with a Chromecast dongle, computers running a Chrome browser, and Google's Pixel smartphone.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
SEC: Elon Musk's failure to comply with court order over his tweets is 'stunning'
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected Elon Musk's claims that the regulator is unfairly trying to silence him.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
New Zealand wants answers from Mark Zuckerberg over mosque attack video
Horrific video of the mosque massacre in Christchurch was viewed live fewer than 200 times on Facebook but that was enough to unleash it across the internet.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Read the letter New Zealand telecom executives sent to Facebook, Google and Twitter
Executives at three major internet service providers in New Zealand have written a letter to the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter, asking them to take more responsibility over the content on their platforms.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
You can now buy products directly on Instagram
Instagram's new checkout option lets users purchase products and manage orders directly on the app.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Video games are now a legitimate high school sport
Competitive video game playing, also known as esports, is now a high school varsity sport in eight states.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
Apple unveils new iPad Air and iPad mini
Apple on Monday quietly announced new versions of the iPad Air and iPad mini, the company's first refresh for those products in years.

03/20/2019 08:25 PM
This lighter helps smokers kick the habit
The goal of Lebanese startup Slighter is to eventually go out of business, but it hopes to help millions of smokers kick their habit along the way.







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