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05/24/2019 12:45 AM
These are the people involved in the scandal around alleged sex cult Nxivm
A man who captivated thousands of people with his self-empowerment vision is standing trial accused of running a secret sex cult.

05/24/2019 09:33 AM
Maleah Davis searchers don't believe she's alive
It has been weeks since little Maleah Davis went missing and the man overseeing the search for the Houston girl has no hope searchers will find her alive.

05/23/2019 09:34 PM
K-9 unit tracks down $1.4 million of cocaine during a traffic stop
A drug task force officer and his K-9 partner Spyke sniffed out a huge and expensive stash of cocaine in the Houston area on Wednesday.

05/23/2019 10:32 PM
The reality for women seeking abortions in Alabama and Georgia
Alabama and Georgia recently passed some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country.

05/24/2019 09:07 AM
A Vietnam veterans memorial was vandalized with a swastika. Police want to find out who did it
Several days before Memorial Day, a Vietnam War memorial in Massachusetts has been vandalized with "hate-related" graffiti.

05/23/2019 02:46 PM
Senate passes bill cracking down on robocalls
A bill to crack down on unwanted robocalls sailed through the Senate on Thursday, adding to a push by Congress to defeat the growing problem of phone scams and nuisance calls.

05/24/2019 02:24 PM
Lawmaker explains why he stalled disaster aid bill
A $19 billion disaster relief bill stalled in the House after Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) objected to passing the bill.

05/24/2019 02:37 PM
Analysis: What's Mayor Pete's path?
Here's what we know for sure about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg:

05/23/2019 05:33 PM
Melania, Donald Trump pay unannounced visit to Arlington Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump paid their respects to fallen American troops during an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day.

05/23/2019 09:36 AM
Here's the worst-case scenario for the US-China trade war
It turns out trade wars are not short and not so easy to win, as President Donald Trump once tweeted. As the US-China trade war drags on, economists are sharpening their pencils, forecasting what a protracted trade war would cost.

05/20/2019 01:04 PM
'We could talk ourselves into a recession,' one Fed official says
The economic mood in the United States has changed quickly over the past six months. At the end of last year, the stock market suffered a steep decline, consumer spending tanked, and economists were forecasting a recession around the corner.

05/20/2019 01:04 PM
Bitcoin hit $8,000 again. What's behind the rise
Bitcoin just surged past $8,000 on Tuesday, hitting its highest mark since last July. It tapered off slightly by mid-afternoon, but is still trading at its highest level in nearly a year.

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Rogue ducks chasing tenants and scaring kids at apartment complex

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Delivery driver forced to rake driveway at gunpoint

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
"Batman" driver captures police chase arrest

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Man in custody following hours-long stand-off

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Community unites after beloved teacher dies

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Residents raise $ to send retiring mailman to Hawaii
Residents raise money to send retiring mailman to Hawaii

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Students duct tape principal, VP to door

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Man who brought gun into high school not charged

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Ex-gang member becomes soldier for Christ

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Children honored by paramedics for quick thinking

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
'He's not dead, he's just sleeping': Dog's nap spot concerns residents

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Glitch leaves suspected violent offenders on streets

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Man tapes deputy driving erratically, 90+ mph

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Legal pot blamed for edibles brought to school

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Parents think of late son during Blues playoff run

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Baby deer stuck in fence rescued by police

05/24/2019 06:55 PM
Cemetery invites public to veteran's burial







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