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01/15/2019 01:37 PM
'I 100% think it's her': Here's how 911 callers told police Jayme Closs was found
When missing teenager Jayme Closs came to the door Thursday with a neighbor, Kristin Kasinskas called 911 and got right to the point: We've found the girl that virtually the whole of Wisconsin has been looking for.

01/16/2019 09:10 AM
Doctor fired after giving 'potentially fatal' doses of pain medication to 27 patients
A doctor is accused of giving potentially fatal doses of pain medication to at least 27 patients who were near death, according to an Ohio hospital.

01/16/2019 02:12 PM
Report: Turkey seeks warrant for Knicks player
Turkey has put in an extradition request and requested an Interpol red notice for the arrest of NBA star Enes Kanter, according to Anadolu, a Turkish state news agency.

01/17/2019 02:16 AM
Mother of American CEO killed in hotel attack speaks out
An American business investment adviser and former Peace Corps member was among those killed in a terror attack on a Kenyan hotel compound, the company he founded said Wednesday.

01/16/2019 09:41 AM
Coast Guard service members miss first paycheck due to government shutdown
Thousands of active duty US Coast Guard service members did not receive their paycheck Tuesday -- the first time in history that US Armed Forces service members were not paid during a lapse in government funding, according to the branch's top official.

01/16/2019 11:06 AM
Harvey Weinstein's criminal defense attorney to quit case
Harvey Weinstein's defense attorney Benjamin Brafman plans to withdraw from representing the former producer in his criminal case, according to a source familiar with the situation.

01/16/2019 06:03 PM
California is bracing for mudslides as the next round of storms begins
Another round of heavy rain is expected to hit parts of California on Wednesday and Thursday, putting millions of people under a flash-flood watch and spurring precautionary evacuations in several wildfire-scarred areas vulnerable to mudflows.

01/16/2019 06:53 AM
Analysis: Another good day for Vladimir Putin as turmoil grips US and UK
The news just keeps on getting better for Vladimir Putin.

01/16/2019 08:26 PM
Beto O'Rourke hits the road as 2020 decision looms
Former Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke left for a road trip after being "in and out of a funk" amid calls from Democratic supporters across the country for O'Rourke to join the growing pool of Democrats running for the 2020 presidential election. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

01/16/2019 05:38 AM
GOP lawmakers in 2 states want to spend state funds on Trump's border wall
A Republican Montana state senator and Republican delegates from West Virginia plan to introduce measures to allocate state funds to help build President Donald Trump's proposed wall along the southern US border.

01/16/2019 09:04 AM
Interpreter: A subpoena could cause damage to our job
Barry Slaughter Olsen, who served as an interpreter for G20, World Economic Forum, discusses whether or not lawmakers should subpoena interpreters to learn what transpired during meetings between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

01/16/2019 06:03 AM
Women have already made history in the 2020 Democratic primary
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's entry into the 2020 presidential race makes history.

10/24/2018 09:28 PM
This step doubles the shelf life of fruits and veggies
One company is doubling the shelf-life of avocados, citrus and other produce by taking a chemical-free cue from nature.

11/28/2018 03:12 PM
How three men created a $1 billion salad chain
When Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru and Nicolas Jammet met as freshman at Georgetown University 15 years ago, they bonded over food.

12/01/2018 05:22 PM
DNA technology is helping police solve cold cases
In the summer of 2017, hikers found skeletal remains on the side of a highway outside of Baltimore.

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Man accused of pushing, punching an 11-year-old girl

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
PD: Man drinks beer, falls asleep in couple's truck

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Former NFL player tackles 'peeping Tom'

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Police: Thief runs over worker over $22 of fuel

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Driver gets $55 ticket for honking at police officer

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Firefighters save dog that fell through thin ice

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Student caught selling drugs at school, dad arrested

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Man keeps 46-year promise, returns bracelet

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Kids removed from urine-soaked home

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Two men suspected of setting fires inside Walmart

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Mom calls 911, firefighters feed baby, shovel driveway

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Video: Two police motorcycle officers crash

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Woman, 96, rescued seconds before train hits

01/17/2019 01:48 AM
Man stabbed woman in wheelchair 116 times







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