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05/26/2018 11:17 AM
Hero teacher tackles school gunman
A teacher is being credited with disarming a student suspected of opening fire at an Indiana middle school.

05/25/2018 09:43 PM
Suspect in custody after shots fired at Indiana middle school
At least three people were injured after a shooting Friday at a middle school in Noblesville, Indiana, officials said.

05/24/2018 12:41 PM
Teachers could get a $100,000 death benefit if they die in a school shooting
School shootings in this country are becoming so depressingly common that lawmakers in New Hampshire just passed a bill that would give the state's teachers a $100,000 death benefit if they're "killed in the line of duty" -- a phrase generally used when talking about police or firefighters.

05/25/2018 03:30 PM
Armed bystander kills shooter at Oklahoma restaurant
Armed bystanders gunned down a shooter Thursday at an Oklahoma City restaurant, killing him, police said.

05/26/2018 12:40 PM
Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020 looms
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has quietly waged a months-long, behind-the-scenes effort to put "Pocahontas" in the past.

05/25/2018 03:18 PM
How Congress plans to spend its summer
Congress left town Thursday for a weeklong Memorial Day recess, but when lawmakers return the first week of June they face a number of tasks this summer ahead of the monthlong August break.

05/25/2018 02:22 AM
Zinke claims to be geologist, again
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke again claims he is a geologist *even* after a CNN report revealed he has never held the job professionally.

05/26/2018 08:16 AM
Who else wasn't at the EPA chemical meeting? The victims
Journalists weren't the only ones shut out from the Environmental Protection Agency's conference this week on chemically contaminated drinking water. Many victims of water polluted by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances were also left out, and are struggling to get clear answers about the dangers to their communities.

05/11/2018 07:06 PM
Richard Branson says this is one of his biggest mistakes

05/24/2018 04:08 AM
The startup that wants to bring fake meat to the masses

05/25/2018 12:45 PM
7 startups that want to improve your mental health

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Former governor released from federal custody

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Architect wants to create floating bridge in NY

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Family opens home to U.S. Marine veteran

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Juvenile arrested for pointing gun at visitors

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
City looks to put up first African-American statue

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Nashville sees a spike in Chicago transplants

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Hundreds gather to remember children killed in fire

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Mother charged for death of 13-month-old

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Mom surprises daughter at school after deployment

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Man punched during dispute with train performers

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Louisiana prepares for possible impact from Alberto

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Police hope for break in death of 15-month-old baby

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
12-year-old boy fends off abductor with skateboard

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Family of wounded girl thanks public for prayers

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Flint residents receive water shut off notices

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Historic home in Arkansas deemed endangered

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Man charged for threatening girlfriend with knife

05/26/2018 10:29 AM
Firefighter saves elderly couple from carjacking







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