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07/23/2018 03:07 AM
Foreign minister: Taiwan vulnerable without US
Taiwan Foreign Minister Joesph Wu tells CNN's Matt Rivers that without continuing US military support, Taiwan would be vulnerable to an armed takeover from Beijing.

07/23/2018 03:00 AM
Deciphering the Secret Language of Whales
Fabrice Schnöller is on a mission to unlock the secret language of sperm whales, the largest predators on Earth. Founder of the DAREWIN Project, Fabrice’s goal is to record sperm whale vocalizations in hopes of deciphering their means of communication. By freediving, Fabrice is able to get up close and personal with the underwater giants, helping to bridge the gap between animals and humans, between land and sea.

07/23/2018 03:00 AM
Biking to Protect Guatemala’s Rainforest
Winding through the lush rainforests below Guatemala’s Volcan de Agua is a growing mecca for mountain biking. Known as El Zur, the 2,500-acre private nature reserve was created to protect the land. Turns out, the best way to protect the land sustainably is to offer a variety of outdoor activities. Join guide José Pablo Jelkmann Mendía as he takes us through this pristine paradise on bike, replete with lush trails, suspension bridges and dreamlike waterfalls. This Great Big Story was made possible by Visit Guatemala .

07/23/2018 02:36 AM
Gunman opens fire at Nevada church, killing 1
A man is in custody after allegedly fatally shooting a man and wounding another person at a Mormon church in Nevada, police say. The City of Fallon Police Department identified the suspected gunman as John K. O'Connor.

07/23/2018 02:21 AM
Police: Toronto shooting suspect is dead
A woman was killed and 13 others injured in a shooting in Toronto on Sunday night, Police Chief Mark Saunders said.

07/23/2018 02:07 AM
Police: Multiple people shot outside restaurant
Multiple people were shot outside of a Toronto restaurant around 10 p.m. Sunday, Toronto police Sgt. Glenn Russell tells CNN. The victims have been sent to trauma centers throughout the city, Russell says.

07/23/2018 01:38 AM
Trump privately expressed N. Korea frustration
President Trump has privately expressed frustration over the perceived lack of progress in the talks, according to a US official, though he regarded the testing freeze as a positive sign. CNN's Alexandra Field reports.

07/22/2018 11:34 PM
Police: Several people shot in Toronto
A witness describes the scene after several people were shot outside a restaurant in Toronto, according to police.

07/22/2018 09:56 PM
Pompeo calls Iran leaders 'polished front men'
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks against Iran's leadership, stating that President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif's nuclear deal made them "wolves in sheep's clothing."

07/22/2018 09:47 PM
Why the US and the EU need a trade ceasefire
CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd discusses European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's upcoming visit to Washington, the aftermath of the Trump-Putin summit, and more.

07/22/2018 07:35 PM
11-year-old gets his college degree
William Maillis may be young, but he already knows what his dream job is.

07/22/2018 07:20 PM
Evening news briefing from CNN
Evening news briefing from CNN on Sunday, July 22.

07/22/2018 06:08 PM
House where Parks sought refuge up for auction
Rosa Parks' niece Rhea McCauley reveals why her family decided to give up her aunt's home for auction.

07/22/2018 06:02 PM
See wave of garbage off the Dominican Republic
Video taken by "Parley for the Oceans" on July 14 shows a "dense garbage carpet" covering the water in Santo Domingo.

07/22/2018 05:59 PM
Watch cargo plane pull off loop-the-loop
At the 2018 Farnborough International Air Show in Britain, major plane manufacturers like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Airbus showed off their latest and greatest tech.

07/22/2018 05:57 PM
Video shows last known member of native tribe
Brazil's National Indian Foundation, Funai, released video showing what they believe to be the last remaining member of a native tribe. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

07/22/2018 05:15 PM
Francesco Molinari Wins The Open
Quantum Racing win the TP52 World Championship in Portugal. Italy's Francesco Molinari Tops a Lineup of Stars to Win His First Major Championship at The Open.

07/22/2018 03:18 PM
Uber driver released for livestreaming rides
Uber and Lyft have cut ties with a driver after they learned he livestreamed some passengers' rides without their consent. CNN's Polo Sandoval has more.

07/22/2018 02:58 PM
One summit, two narratives about Trump

07/22/2018 02:58 PM
Press scrutinizing Trump's Russia ties
"Sirens are going off all over the place," Brian Stelter says, depicting the Trump-Putin meeting as a giant mystery. He talks with Karen Tumulty, Jill Dougherty and Max Boot about the coverage. "Even as [Trump] is denying collusion, he is colluding with Russia in plain sight," Boot asserts.

07/22/2018 02:57 PM
How the media can help dissect propaganda
Russia watcher Jill Dougherty, a former CNN Moscow bureau chief, says "I think the media would be very helpful to people if you said, 'Okay, this is how propaganda is done. This is how you are being manipulated.'"

07/22/2018 02:56 PM
One summit, two narratives about Trump
Is this a case of Trump versus Trump? Olivia Nuzzi and David Zurawik analyze the competing media narratives about Trump and Putin. Nuzzi says pro-Trump talk show hosts "really are just an extension of the White House communications shop."

07/22/2018 02:53 PM
FCC decision may doom the Sinclair-Tribune deal

07/22/2018 02:52 PM
'Is Russia still targeting the U.S.?'

07/22/2018 02:52 PM
Haberman wants more W.H. press solidarity

07/22/2018 02:50 PM
How to make the most of a Trump interview
Of Trump's four TV interviews after the Helsinki press conference with Putin, three were with friends. What about the fourth, with Jeff Glor of CBS? David Zurawik and Olivia Nuzzi discuss whether Glor missed the mark.

07/22/2018 02:49 PM
How to make the most of a Trump interview

07/22/2018 02:49 PM
Haberman wants more W.H. press solidarity
The NYT's Maggie Haberman sits down with Brian Stelter to discuss the state of Trump coverage; the value of press briefings; and her decision to take a step back from Twitter.

07/22/2018 02:48 PM
Morning news briefing from CNN
News briefing from CNN for Sunday, July 22

07/22/2018 02:18 PM
Ruddy and Stelter spar over Trump coverage
Brian Stelter talks with Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy about the Trump-Putin summit, the economy, the media, and Trump's dangerous depiction of journalists as the "enemy of the people." Ruddy says Trump is "very angry about the press treatment."







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