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12/18/2017 01:12 PM
Derailment witness: Cars falling off overpass
Danae Orlob, who witnessed an Amtrak train derail onto an interstate in Washington state, says there were cars falling from both sides of an overpass.

12/18/2017 01:08 PM
Toddlers dance-off with airport employee
Two young girls and an employee at a Dallas airport had a dance-off while waiting for a flight.

12/18/2017 01:07 PM
Selfie leads to death threats for beauty queen
Miss Iraq's contestant at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, Sarah Idan, says she's received death threats after posting a selfie with Miss Israel.

12/18/2017 01:03 PM
See images from the scene of train derailment
As images pour in from an Amtrak train derailment in Washington state, railroad operations and safety expert Richard Beall breaks down recovery efforts.

12/18/2017 12:32 PM
Sheriff: Multiple fatalities on the train
Pierce County Sheriff gives an update on the Amtrak passenger train derailment.

12/18/2017 12:31 PM
Man sets record for blindfolded slackline walk
18-year-old Pablo Signoret set a world record for the longest blindfolded slackline walk.

12/18/2017 12:28 PM
Family of slain soldier speaks out (full)
The mother and sister of the late Sergeant La David Johnson, who was killed in an ambush in Niger, speaks to CNN's Alisyn Camerota about the circumstances surrounding his death.

12/18/2017 12:19 PM
Human vs autonomous car: Who wins the race?
Supercharged presenter Nicki Shields takes on an autonomous Roborace car in a race that answers the question: who wins between human and machine>

12/18/2017 12:14 PM
Mom of slain soldier: Military changed story
Cowanda Johnson, mother of Sergeant La David Johnson who was killed in an ambush in Niger, says the military evolved their story about the circumstances surrounding his death.

12/18/2017 12:03 PM
Amtrak train derails onto Washington highway
Amtrak train 501 derailed and is dangling onto Interstate 5 in Washington state. Witness Greg Mukai describes the incident.

12/18/2017 11:56 AM
A look at an incredible year for US golf
The likes of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas had a strong year, as Tiger Woods began his comeback. PGA.com host Brian Katrek spoke to CNN World Sport's Don Riddell

12/18/2017 11:34 AM
Japan’s All-Natural Monkey Spa
The Jigokudani Valley in Japan's Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park is a high altitude, snow-covered landscape of cliffs and chasms that holds a surprising secret: naturally occurring hot springs that bubble with subterranean heat and fill the air with steam. However, we humans aren't the only primates who have discovered the hot springs. In the early 1960s, Japanese macaques moved down from the higher forests above the valley and made themselves right at home in the warm waters. These snow monkeys have been using them as a warm-up spot ever since. Spa day, anyone?

12/18/2017 11:33 AM
A Michelin-Starred Meal for $1.50
Chan Hon Meng is the master chef behind “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle,” the food cart home to the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world. Ringing in at a mere $1.50, Meng’s perfected braised chicken recipe was passed down to him by his uncle. Now, he’s serving hundreds of meals a day out of his hawker in Singapore. And while his food has gained acclaim and recognition across the culinary community, Meng hasn’t forgotten his roots. He’s still serving up the same great food, all for under two bucks.

12/18/2017 11:32 AM
In the Alps, Saint Nick Doesn't Travel Alone
Across Austria's alpine villages, December 5th marks the arrival of Saint Nikolaus—a merry visitor who delivers gifts to well-behaved children. But Saint Nick doesn’t come to town alone. The dreaded Krampus is by his side. For centuries, groups of men across the region have dressed as Krampus during the Christmas season. The fearsome figure appears as a horned, half-goat, half-demon who punishes children who misbehave. So be good this year! Krampus is coming to town.

12/18/2017 11:12 AM
Puerto Rico orders review of storm deaths
Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello has ordered a review of deaths that might be linked to Hurricane Maria. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

12/18/2017 10:29 AM
CNN Heroes winner shares her family's story
Alisyn Camerota talks to CNN Hero of the Year Amy Wright about her journey opening "Bitty & Beau's Coffee," which employs 40 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

12/18/2017 10:18 AM
Tavis Smiley: 'PBS made a huge mistake'
Tavis Smiley, who was recently called out by PBS over "troubling allegations" about his conduct, staunchly defended his behavior and his integrity Monday and upbraided the network that suspended the distribution of his show.

12/18/2017 10:07 AM
Car rams through checkpoint at UK air base
The UK Ministry of Defence says a suspect has been apprehended after attempting to force a car through a checkpoint at the RAF Mildenhall, a UK airbase used by US troops.

12/18/2017 09:57 AM
Dem Senator: Investigate Franken, not Trump
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-VA) says Sen. Al Franken should not resign but there should be an investigation into harassment allegations against the Senator. As for President Trump, Manchin doesn't see the need.

12/18/2017 09:49 AM
See world's busiest airport in chaos
Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International airport went dark for nearly 11 hours on Sunday, leaving thousands in dark terminals and sitting on planes.

12/18/2017 09:44 AM
Holiday lights with a 230-foot thrill
The Canyon Lights show at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, BC, combines holiday sparkle with a bridge that hangs 230 feet above the river below.

12/18/2017 09:20 AM
Former Fox News contributor: I will get sued (full interrview)
Former Fox News contributor Tamara Holder says the abusive behavior at the network and alleged silencing by 21st Century Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch ruined her life.

12/18/2017 09:16 AM
Fox News will sue me for speaking out
Former Fox News contributor Tamara Holder says "abusive behavior" at Fox News and "silencing" by 21st Century Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch ruined her life after speaking out against sexual harassment.

12/18/2017 08:42 AM
Portland’s Godfather of Soul | Funk Plus One
Over the course of his 40 years as an R&B musician, Ural Thomas has shared the stage with the likes of Mick Jagger, Otis Redding and James Brown. But instead of taking his talents to New York or Los Angeles, Thomas stayed true to his native Portland, Oregon, becoming a legendary figure within the city’s blues scene.

12/18/2017 08:15 AM
Cillizza: Russia probe not a witch hunt
CNN's Chris Cillizza says Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign is not a Democratic witch hunt.

12/18/2017 08:14 AM
Trump predicts exoneration in Russia probe
Sources say President Trump and his legal team believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller will clear him in the Russia investigation soon. CNN's Sara Murray reports.

12/18/2017 07:06 AM
CNNMoney Before the Bell
Christine Romans brings you the latest news on tax reform and stocks, an ongoing lawsuit against Uber and how the latest Star Wars movie fared, on Monday, December 18.

12/18/2017 07:06 AM
See world's busiest airport in chaos
Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International airport went dark for nearly 11 hours on Sunday, leaving thousands in dark terminals and sitting on planes.

12/18/2017 07:01 AM
Mnuchin: 'Massive model' behind tax analysis
On State of the Union, Steven Mnuchin talks with Jake Tapper about the analysis behind the new GOP tax plan.

12/18/2017 06:22 AM
Morning news briefing from CNN
Morning news briefing from CNN on Monday, December 18.







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