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What to Do with Old Mobile Phones

As the ever growing pressure to save our planet continues to rise, the need to recycle our unwanted produce becomes more important. Most people now have recycle bins at their home and there are lots of local points nowadays where unwanted items can be deposited for environmentally safe disposal. It's becoming more apparent now that one of contributors to the high levels of landfill comes from electronic goods, one of these being mobile phones. Recycling mobile phones is a growing industry due to the huge numbers of unused or unwanted phones gathering dust in drawers and cupboards. In the UK, the average mobile phone user changes their phone every 18 months, which means that more than 18 million phones are purchased each year. The amount of these which get recycled is reported to be less than 15%, meaning the unwanted 'mobile phone mountain' is growing everyday. This vast amount of waste has led to the number of unused phones in the UK to 90million phones at an estimated value of more than 1Billion

Why should I recycle my mobile? The answer is quite simple really. Firstly, recycling an old mobile will reduce landfill enormously. Some batteries in mobile phones contain precious metals such as cadmium and mercury amongst others, which if sent to landfill can cause soil contamination. The leakage from one battery would be enough to contaminate 600,000 liters of water. Secondly, anyone that wants to recycle their mobile phone has the option to take cash or voucher payment for their phone. This is great news for individuals, clubs, schools or small organizations looking to earn a bit of extra money for themselves.

The process of recycling a phone could not be simpler and works in the following way. The user signs up for FREE to the recycling company, with no obligation to trade a phone. A welcome pack will be sent through the post containing all the necessary details and packaging to send your phone in. Use the website to find your phone from the lists provided and determine its trade in value. If you wish to trade or donate a phone, simply follow the instructions and post the phone in the FREEPOST packaging provided. Once the company has received your phone, they will check it over and would then contact you and inform you that payment will be made to you. Every person that signs up will have online access to check the process status of their mobile. Having an account means you can simply log back in next time you have another phone to trade and repeat the process. It's easy and above all it's totally free of charge.

What happens to my phone? The phones are assessed by the company, which will then decide what to do with each individual phone. Some will be reused in developing countries, some will be broken down into spares and others will be recycled for future products.

This is a win situation for all involved in the process. The user gets paid for something they don't want and the levels of waste and pollution are reduced due to the recycling process.

About the author 

Author has internet marketing interests in mobile phone recycling online games, consumer electronics and travel.