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Create an Eco Friendly Bedroom

You can see platform beds in home decor magazines, in interior design plans and even in prototypes developed for green housing. The rooms containing a platform bed are usually flushed with light, open and immaculate, and at the same time very chic and very attractive. Did you know that it could be the start of an Eco Friendly Bedroom as well?

Platform Beds are extremely popular right now. The simple, clean lines in this style of furniture work well with minimalist decor preferences and styles influenced by artists and architects from contemporary Japanese to Art Deco. The size and depth of this clean, balanced architectural and graphic style makes the platform bed ideal for efficient use of space and as a graphical element to highlight any room as a whole.

Okay, you say, how is a platform bed a green piece of furniture? Think about the use of materials: the platform bed design requires fewer trees, so big planks of wood are not required and are instead replaced by a minimum number of slats (not even always of wood). Like many modern beds, the platform bed requires less expenditure and bulk in the mattress department, too. It only needs an innerspring or futon mattress. And all of this can contribute to conservation of a very important resource, your finances too!

And when you extend your efforts to match your green concerns, you can use a natural-fill, untreated mattress. As you may know, traditional box spring mattresses are potent, with their petroleum-based polyester, polyurethane, nylon, formaldehyde, perfluorooctanoic acid, and other compounds and gases.

You can insist on an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified frame, one which, when possible, uses only wood culled from responsibly-managed forests. These are mostly solid, not pieced together with glues and compounds that also emit VOCs like formaldehyde, as well.

And once you add only untreated, organic cotton bedding (foregoing the bleaches and dyes and subsequent carcinogens); natural, organic pillow stuffing; and surround the piece with only natural (hemp or other) area rugs resting on FSC Certified wood floors, you have a platform bed and bedroom furniture that not only is more sleek in style but will contribute the health of you and your family. You'll be contributing to the global community.

This is a great start towards making a difference in the battle against global warming and creating a more pollution free atmosphere. It's a way of insuring a brighter future for our children and cleaner air for everyone to breathe right now. All of which should help you to get a better nights sleep.

About the author 

Ben Weissman writes about using metal beds, contemporary beds and bedroom furniture to decorate your house responsibly. You can turn your bedroom into a personal retreat. Find out more about home décor ideas at Home and Bedroom Furniture