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How to Avoid Psoriasis Flare Up

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is can be recognized by the skin being thick, red, sore and covered with silvery scales on the surface of the skin. The severity of psoriasis can vary from person to person and it can also affect any part of the body, from the face, nails and any other area of the body.

It is said that globally there are approximately 125 million people that are suffering from this skin condition and in America alone it is estimated that there are over a quarter of a million new cases that are actually reported each year.

One thing that is quite strange about psoriasis is that it is not very common amongst people who have a darker complexion such as Asians and those originating from an African background. It is also not very common with those of a Japanese background, but it is quite common amongst those who are of a white skin color.

The majority of psoriasis patients do experience a great of emotional strain whilst they are treating to treat their skin ailment. Some people are afraid to enter relationships with other people as they are to ashamed to have other people see their skin condition.

There are no cures to psoriasis at present but there are various steps that can be taken in order to help control psoriasis and to avoid the occurrence of flare-ups.

It is important that you maintain a healthy a diet to avoid the occurrence of flare ups and they also appear when a person is feeling tired or not feeling very well. You should avoid taking alcohol as this causes the body to become dehydrated and you should also reduce the consumption of red meat. The amount of sleep should also be regular and it is important that no less than eight hours be obtained.

You should remember that about seventy percent of treating and controlling psoriasis is down to lifestyle choices and then the remainder is made up the use of medications.

If you are a regular smoker than you will find that by reducing the amount that you smoke or indeed to stop smoking altogether you will find that your psoriasis will clear up much more quickly so there is some evidence to suggest that smoking is linked to smoking. So if you are looking to get rid of your psoriasis you need to be giving up smoking for good.

Another trigger for psoriasis is that of alcohol, even in the smallest quantities can cause flare ups, so the only real option is to stop drinking.

Certain medicines can also aggravate the skin such as malaria tablets and certain medications that are designed for the heart. Even some medications are steroid based and even though they can be ideal for controlling psoriasis quickly the sudden withdrawal of such creams or lotions can cause the flare ups to appear once again.

It is important that you avoid picking or scratching at your psoriasis as this can cause further injury to the skin and the removal of any scales from the skin can make the condition even worse.      
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