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3/5/2012 HOUSTON—If you are suffering from a winter of limp lettuce and hard tomatoes, consider the luxury of fresh veggies right outside your kitchen door! On Saturday, Mar. 10, the Edible Festival at Cornelius Nursery will showcase all things edible in the garden with a free clinic at 10:15 a.m. Cornelius is located at 2233 South Voss Road and 1200 N. Dairy Ashford, Houston.

“March is the perfect time to plan your spring garden and our experts will show you the best way to plant an edible feast—in the ground or in a container. You are only limited by your imagination,” said Eddie Russell, Manager at Cornelius Dairy Ashford.

Russell said you should determine how much space and time you have before selecting
vegetables. He recommends compact, bush-like plants such as beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, or greens for patio or balcony container gardens.

“You could add marigolds for a splash of color. Also, a pot of Swiss Chard like Bright Lights is aesthetically pleasing because each stem has a different color—orange, yellow and red,” said Russell.

More tips for veggie container gardens:
~Terra-cotta pots or ceramic pots are less prone to tipping over
~Start with a fresh potting mix and add a balanced fertilizer
~Provide plenty of sun (6-8 hours)
~Don’t over plant your container; proper spacing is important for air circulation
~Good drainage is essential to prevent root rot
~Coaster wheel supports help to rotate large pots
~Supply a support for climbing veggies like beans, cucumbers and tomatoes

“The biggest killer of container plants is over-watering,” added Russell. “You might consider a moisture meter and know your plant’s watering needs,” he added.

At the Edible Festival, sign up for Chef Jeff Vegetable and Blue Label Herb drawings and save on specials throughout the Cornelius stores. For more information, www.calloways.com/edible-festival .