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Facial Skin Care Tips

It is quite acceptable fact that human skin is the toughest and at the same time, most sensitive part of our body. This is because skin could respond very well to any substance that comes directly in contact with it, and also respond very quickly to weather extremes. However, the most sensitive part of the body that requires extra care and timely treatment is facial skin.

It is very important both for man and woman to take complete care of facial skin otherwise getting exposed to pollution, UV rays, dust make the facial skin dull, dry and full of wrinkles. If the proper care is not given on time it can lead to premature ageing. People who do not take care of their facial skin suffer from the problem of blemishes, carracks and acnes to name a few major ones. So, it is very necessary to understand your skin type and take proper care of it so that you can enjoy your smooth and revitalizing skin. Though cleaning the face everyday, applying right type of skin moisturizer forms the basic of facial skin care but also it demands more so as to keep the skin fresh and clear for long. For healthy skin, it is very necessary to intake essential nutrients and vitamins that help in building body tissues.

However, the three common skin types are normal, oily and dry skin and for best facial skin care, the use of unique method is required according to the skin type. Here are certain tips following which can result in effective facial skin care for each kind of skin type.

1) Accumulation of oil on facial skin blocks the pores and lead to various skin problems. So, if you have oily skin, wash your face many times daily and wipe it with clean towel. This will help you wipe off all the excess oil from the facial skin. Also, making use of astringent and oil-free moisturizer counts under the best facial skin care for oily skin.

2) Though you have normal skin and it looks fresh but most of the pores of facial skin are blocked. The best facial care for such kind of skin is the application of gentle face wash and soft messaging. Also the use of toner is the best facial skin care.

3) The dry skin is mainly prone to crack and tightening of skin, so it needs special facial care as compared to normal skin. To treat the problem of dry facial skin, use of thick moisturizer serve the purpose to the best.

4) Using natural methods and applications is one the best and effective means of facial skin care. This is because, as compared to chemical based skin care products, natural products are free from side effects. There are so many natural based products available in the market that are made out of natural ingredients like herbs, flowers and fruits extracts, olive oil, rose water and turmeric. Making use of proactive skin care treatment also helps to keep facial area healthy.  
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