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Top Fashion Color Trends

The new season of 2010 is here and with it of course the new famous fashion color trends. The 2010 spring and summer season is characterized by the fresh and updated color palette. Nowadays women are much more cautious when it comes to spending habits. They don't want to completely change or reinvent their wardrobe. Women are on the lookout for pieces that would complement their wardrobes. The designers introduce the new unique color combinations for the clothing line as well as the accessories. This season the vibrant brights will add a sense of excitement especially when they are set against the neutrals. The spring/summer 2010 famous fashion features 10 main color trends:

* Turquoise - It is the color of the gem turquoise that consists of a mix of green and blue. Just close your eyes and imagine the turquoise ocean waters.

* Tomato Puree - This is the season's red color. It is actually a particular shade of red. It can be easily paired with turquoise for retro look.

* Fusion Coral - This dye belongs to the warmer hue. It is a mix between orange and pink and actually connects directly with tomato puree

* Violet - is the color of purpose, its located exactly at the point of color balance - midway between red and purple on the color spectrum, can be distinctive addition to any wardrobe

* Tuscany - It is another famous fashion neutrals that provides the base for the spring bright colors. It has a warm beige tone and works well with vibrant bights like Fusion Coral or Violet

* Aurora - is a shimmering slightly greenish yellow, adds a lot of sunshine to your wardrobe

* Amparo Blue - This specific shade of blue is brighter and evokes feelings of spring energy. it brings more warmth than the typical spring navy.

* Pink Champagne - This season's newest neutral color can be characterized as a light combination between beige and light pink

* Dried Herb - fundamental green color that can be paired with any other color

* Eucalyptus - This eternal practical grey is another neutral color that can be easily paired with any bright accent colors

There is a really broad assortment of famous fashion colors waiting for you for this spring/summer season. You can pick any of the neutral colors for your outfit and then spice them up with bright accent accessories such as handbags, jewelery or shoes or you can go wild like some of the Hollywood stars and get some clothing in these bright colors as well.

Have fun playing with the famous fashion colors for this spring/summer 2010 and enjoy the sunny upcoming seasons.         
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