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The main truth here is that fish oil vitamin is not technically a vitamin but an oil with very beneficial health benefits similar to many vitamins, hence the reason it is lumped together with them. However it has some very unique properties.

These oils provide our body with essential omega-3 fatty acids, primarily DHA and EPA, as we cannot manufacture them ourselves but must consume them. With it not being recommended to eat too much fish today because of the toxins they carry, a daily fish oil vitamin is the answer.

In fact, a world leading expert on omega-3 has said that consuming more omega-3 fats is probably the single most important dietary change that most people could ever make to improve their health!

Prevention of heart attacks and strokes, lowering of blood pressure or hypertension and improved brain health and functioning are just some of the major benefits they can provide.

Effective treatment of many skin conditions like psoriasis and acne are further benefits, due to their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and the treatment of conditions like arthritis have proved so effective that in some cases people were able to come off their prescription meds.

Care must be taken however in selecting to ensure you get the very best. Look for one that has been molecularly distilled to remove all the impurities like arsenic and mercury that the fish pick up in their flesh, and a higher level of the more beneficial DHA fats.

Most on the market have higher EPA levels as it is cheaper to produce, so try to avoid these as you will be robbed of much of the impact that this oil has to offer. In fact species like hoki and tuna tend to have the highest levels so any fish oil vitamin from these fish is generally excellent.

Now that you know the amazing benefits to be had and what to look for, why not make fish oil supplements part of your daily routine and start enjoying the rewards.

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