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Forbidden Kingdom: Jackie Chan and Jet Li Collaborate

For the First Time ever, 2 Kungfu Star Legends: Jackie Chan ("Drunken Master", "Rumble In the Bronx", "Shanghai Noon", "Rush Hour", "Robin-B-Hood", "The Accidental Spy", "Mr.Nice Guy", "Police Story", and many more) and Jet Li ("WAR", "Hero", "The One", "Fist of Legend", "Lethal Weapon 4″, "Romeo Must Die", "Fearless", "Kiss of the Dragon" and many more) collaboration in new Movie this Year "The Forbidden Kingdom" 2008.
The Forbidden Kingdom is Director by Rob Minkoff who made "Stuart Little" and "The Lion King" and The story line, courtesy of writer John Fusco who wrote "Young Guns", "Hidalgo" and with master fight choreographer (and yet another executive producer) by Woo-Ping Yuen, who did the honors for such films as "The Matrix," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Kill Bill."

This is Special Movie Story about China's mythical past, and the project shoot on China's mainland. and "Forbidden Kingdom" as a result is larded with lore, with references to "things long foretold" and "the elixir of immortality" as well as martial arts moves with names like the Iron Elbow and Buddha Palm.

The Story Starting with the awkwardly named Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano). He's a kung fu-obsessed youth from Boston with no visible parents, Bruce Lee posters on his wall and a life that revolves around watching old movies found in a Chinatown shop run by an ancient pawnbroker.

Kung fu consumed American teen Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano) must travel back in time to reunite a golden staff with its rightful owner - the Monkey King. In his quest to bring order back to the ancient Chinese world he has teleported to, he is aided by Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), an immortal who uses wine and drunken fighting to gain the upper hand; Sparrow (Yifei Liu), a young female warrior whose parents were killed by the injurious ruler known as the Jade Warlord; and Silent Munk (Jet Li), a guardian who is also on a mission to retrieve the staff.

The Monkey King has been imprisoned in stone for 500 years, and his only hope of restoring peace to ancient China is to regain his legendary weapon. Jason undergoes numerous adventures during his journey to the Temple of the 5 Elements, where the immortal Jade Warlord resides with his massive army, including fighting off hundreds of soldiers, and a white-haired demoness with a deadly whip.

All of the colorful and chaotic characters in the film are based on Chinese mythology, adventure pulps, and classic kung fu movies, but the average viewer isn't going to notice. You would have to be as obsessed as the ambivalent main character to recognize the borrowed concepts from ancient Chinese legend and lore. What the average viewer will undoubtedly notice is the extreme goofiness of the story, all of the plot holes that typically accompany such fantasy fare, and the many quick zooms on ominous faces and statuesque martial arts stances. And perhaps question why Jason already knows how to ride a horse, or why a Jet Li/Jackie Chan movie actually stars a scrawny American boy.

Drenched in eye-rolling fantasy jargon (such as chi magic) and grossly stereotypical characters, the plot is somewhat reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz or Black Knight (the Martin Lawrence film) insomuch as the lead character journeys to a fantasy world designed to match an overactive imagination. Fueled by fanciful yearnings for adventure and excitement, Jason explores lavish settings, including a merciless desert, luscious rainforests, and humongous stone temples, where Woo-Ping Yuen's stunning fight choreography can look very impressive. In an unbelievable world, the fighting gets equally farfetched, and so wire-fu sequences tend to overtake realistic brawling, constantly breaking up the marvel of watching two legendary martial arts masters finally square off. The Story, The Director, The Writer, The Master Fight Coreographer, and offcourse what we're waiting for, The Kungfu Legend Actor Jackie Chan and Jet Li, made this become Most Wanted and Must Seen Movies this Year 2008.

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