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Go Green Ideas for your Holiday Party

'Tis the season when our thoughts turn to gathering with our friends and family and celebrating the time of year. That doesn't mean it's time to throw out your 'green' sensibilities and splurge on unhealthy foods and non eco-friendly product for the sake of togetherness. Here are some green party ideas that will make everyone thrilled to have come into your home, and they might not even realize that you are going green.

The best idea for having a party and wasting as little food as possible is to give a cocktail party. You need to take into consideration as to the time of the party so you can gauge how hungry your guests will be, but by serving drinks and hors d'oeuvres throughout the evening, you can take into account people who might come in later; and having a sit down dinner might not have been practical, and would have added embarrassment to your guests.

Besides, I hate sit down dinner parties. See, there is never a time when the food is ready and everyone is hungry. And, on a personal note, I never eat a lot at a party because I am too busy babbling and catching up and I like to be able to wander throughout the house and talk to everyone whilst I nosh on the goodies.

If any of your guests are sweet, and offer to bring something, make sure that it isn't being duplicated by someone else; nothing worse than ending up with two veggie trays or two spinach dips. Speaking of both, these can be very green party ideas for food. Buy local or organic veggies and serve a light yogurt flavored dip with the veggies. The spinach dip is usually served in a bread bowl that is almost always eaten by the end of the party, so there is one less dish to clean up. *Tip* Try and make sure that bread bowl is made from whole grains and you are even more green!

Try to stagger the placing of the hors d'oeuvres out on the table. If you put everything out at once, the hot foods will get cold, the cold foods will get warm and wilted, and your guests will feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Do as much prep work as possible before the party, so all you have to do is platter the cold food and warm the rest as the evening progresses.

Have small bowls of mixed nuts though out the house so your guests can munch on something if they are not in the kitchen or dining room. Larger grocery stores and health food stores have organic nuts; buy some of each and then roast them with a variety of spices and herbs. In this way you control the amount of salt added and add your own special touch.

A bowl of olives from the olive bar from your local grocery store or Whole Foods are loved by everyone and don't have to expensive. Olives from an olive bar are typically not as salty as those from a jar, and so are healthier.

Speaking of plating; do not use paper products whenever possible. Craft stores and department stores sell seasonal cloth napkins that will add a festive touch to your table, and they are easily washable and stored for your next party. Paper napkins are not only tacky, for very environmentally unfriendly. Be eclectic with your serving plates. They don't have to match, as Martha Stewart will tell you and add a personal touch.

Keeping your party simple, using fresh foods and green paper products and you are assured to appreciate these green party ideas.  

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