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Go Green at Work

With everyone and everything going green, why not go green at work too? It's not as hard as you may think. Just a few adjustments and your office is on its way to being green!

1. First, think about paper. Buy recycled paper and paper products. Not sure how to tell? Just look at the package and it will say if it's recycled or not.

2. Instead of purchasing new furniture, try hunting for treasures at yard sales or resale shops. Or if you have time, just give your old stuff a face lift! Get creative.

3. When you leave the office for the day, instead of just turning everything off, try unplugging everything. It will save energy in the long run.

4. Try arranging your office so you won't have to turn on any lights during the day. Have your desk next to a window so Mother Nature can provide the light!

5. Instead of printing office memos, try sending co-workers an email instead. That goes for employees manuals as well, if possible, have employees read the manuals online to keep from using paper.

6. Make a habit to recycle everything in your office. Keep a bin where other employees can pitch in as well. You can recycle everything, including fax paper, envelopes and junk mail. You can even recycle your computers and office equipment. Check your local schools and colleges; they may be able to use them in the classroom.

7. When possible, try getting to work by using public transportation, carpooling or riding a bicycle or scooter. Walk if you live close enough, not only are you helping the environment, but you are getting healthy!

8. When you clean the office, be sure to use nontoxic cleaning products and brighten up your office with plants. Not only are they pretty, but they actually absorb indoor toxins!

9. If you have a kitchen area at the office, bring your own dishes and reusable containers and silverware. Try to avoid plastic cups and Styrofoam products. Try to encourage other employees to do the same.

10. Use Green marketing tools. Let your customers, and the public know that your company is environmentally friendly. It will enhance your company's image.

11. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Not only are they good for the environment, they last much longer.

12. If your office receives newsletters or magazines, find out if you can receive them online instead of through the mail. When you are done reading them, just delete them instead of tossing them into the waste basket!

13. Try to keep your office at a steady temperature. In the winter, instead of turning up the heat, try wearing warmer clothes.

And last but not least, who says you have to have an electric pencil sharpener? Buy the old timer type, you know, the ones that require a twist of the wrist to sharpen. That goes for staplers too. With just a few adjustments, you can make a difference in the workplace and the world! 

About the author 

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