Golden Foods Supermarket

Golden Foods Supermarket is the newest Chinese supermarket in Houston. Located in the heart of Chinatown (Bellaire Blvd. and Beltway 8), you can't miss this unique dome top supermarket inside Sterling Plaza. Unlike other crowded Chinese supermarkets, Golden Foods Supermarket has plenty of parking- easy in and easy out. Once you walk through the doors, it is a whole new shopping experience. Golden Foods Supermarket not only pride itself in their low prices and farm fresh products, they do a great job in keeping the store well lit, clean and easy to navigate through.

In this 48,500 square foot store, it is filled with a large variety of Asian produce, seafood, meat, frozen products and canned foods at low prices. Brightly colored banners help shoppers to navigate through the twenty-four aisles of fresh produce, canned and dry goods and frozen food products. GFS also offers full-service meat and seafood counters. Those who seek fresh, ready-made meals should visit the in-house BBQ parlor where Houston's best Chinese BBQ chef will prepare freshly roasted duck, chicken, char-siu and other authentic Chinese delicacies. Affordable lunch and dinner bento boxes are also available for shoppers to enjoy in the store or to take home.

Once again, Golden Foods Supermarket brings new meaning to grocery shopping in Chinatown. Their cleanliness, large parking lot with plenty of parking spaces, enormous selection of foods, snacks, produce, seafood, meat, and BBQ are the reasons why Chinese shoppers are making a switch to Golden Foods Supermarket. You will see items and brands here not sold anywhere else and did we mention that prices are very low and everything is fresh!

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Golden Foods Supermarket

houston, tx

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Golden Foods Supermarket


9896 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77036
Tele: (713) 772-7882
Mon.-Sun: 8AM - 11PM

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