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Green Building

In today's environmentally conscious economy, sustainable building practices are imperative. With rising consumer interest in "going green" and increasing government regulations, building owners and contractors are facing a greater demand for responsible building. But what is green building? How can your company "go green" and still maximize your bottom line?

Green building includes employing responsible, energy-efficient means in creating living, working and storage structures. Green building begins with minimizing heating and cooling loads by installing insulation that reduces energy usage. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), heating and cooling costs may be reduced by as much as 30% with proper insulation and sealing techniques. In order to maximize your contribution to the green movement, use insulation that is GREENGUARD Certified.

Why is it important for your fiber glass metal building insulation to be GREENGUARD Certified? First, GREENGUARD Certification guarantees that the insulation is tested to ensure that chemical and particle emissions meet stringent indoor air quality pollutant standards. This translates to better indoor air quality than non-GREENGUARD Certified brands and confirms that owners are operating under green building principles.

Other eco-friendly insulation products, such as high quality reflective foil insulation, present owners with more options for greener building. The properties of foil insulation reflect radiant heat gain, thereby reducing energy costs from cooling utilities. The fiberglass core from reflective insulation also keeps structures warm in the winter and maintains moderate temperatures for more temperate climates.

Utility bills are the largest variable cost for building owners. With winter around the corner and heating expenditures on the rise, energy-efficient insulation is essential to responsibly maximizing your bottom line. 

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