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What Is Green Environment and the Media Behind It

There is no denying that over the past several years the focus of the World media has picked up the pace concerning the 'green' movement. Governments and business alike have jumped on the 'green' band wagon and started touting all things environmentally friendly. But what is 'green'? What is the root of this phrase and what does it really mean to be 'green'?

This report will examine several philosophies behind the green movement. It will take a look at some actions that can be taken to achieve a greener lifestyle and what it means to be 'green'. As more and more businesses set goals to help in the green movement, what are they really doing to help the overall health of the planet?

Developments in the media made 'green' the slogan for action to limit the adverse effects of air pollution. The media often suggests that this is a relatively new consensus that is an environmental crisis. Green refers to the color of chlorophyll in plants. Human action destroys plants and replaces healthy ecosystems with concrete and asphalt.

Another popular slogan to emerge has been "save the planet". It is widely accepted that humans will not save the planet. The task for humans is to simply stop destroying the environments that sustain life on the planet. As humans, if we fail, the planet will do just fine without us.

The biggest problem for humans is that we cannot predict the future with any accuracy. Even the best informed scientists with the most recent data cannot know what is going to happen next. It must become our job as humans to notice adverse changes and take action to minimize adverse consequences.

It has been proven that combustion engines contribute to greenhouse gas accumulation within the atmosphere and are responsible for climate change. Our ability to monitor and understand the atmosphere has taken a quantum leap in recent years. We have begun to understand the complexity of our eco-systems and how they interact on one another.

One of the most prudent actions we as humans can take to begin to lower our impact on the planet is to reduce the amount carbon dioxide (CO2) we produce. Both local and global pollution would be reduced if each car-driving person pledged to use their car 30% less starting immediately. Cities around the globe can reduce traffic by more than 30% over the next 3 to 5 years simply by improving public transportation.

It has been widely accepted that for a business to be 'green' it must be operating within accepted world standards of sustainability. The concept of sustainable business practices focuses on the "triple bottom line". That is, business must take care of the people, the planet and itself through its' bottom line.

Quite simply, the focus of the human race has begun to see things from a more environmentally conscience stand. The facts are, the more attention that is given to the issues of global warming and the decline of the worlds eco-systems, the better off we'll all be. If everyone would begin to focus on the simple things that can be done on a daily basis, the longer we will sustain our presence on this earth and the greener the planer will remain.

About the author 

Mitchell is the owner of DillmanSolutions, an Online, 'green' home business. He is a business coach and personal mentor out of Colorado, USA. Mitchell assists serious network marketers in building profitable, environmentally friendly, home businesses with multiple incomes streams. To gain more information go to http://dillmansolutions.com or to contact him directly visit http://mitchelldillman.com/partner-with-mitchell