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Green Things To Do

Are you worried about the environment and global warming but are not quite sure how just one person can make a difference? Well the good news is that you CAN make a difference and it's very easy to do so. There are simple things we can all do that will help us help the environment. Keep reading and learn how you can make minor changes in your behavior that will cause major positive changes in the environment.

We have all heard over and over that Mother Earth is in trouble and we must each do something to correct this collision course with disaster that we are on. At first it may seem overwhelming to think you have to buy solar panels for your house, a new hybrid vehicle (a small one please), and eat only organically grown food but there are many smaller steps you can take that will make a difference. The key is for each of us to make incremental changes so that collectively we will make a huge positive impact.

Use and lose less energy by doing one or many of these easy things:

• Turn your A/C thermostat up a notch. Even one degree per house will make a collective difference.

• Turn your TV off - not just on stand-by.

• Unplug your phone chargers.

• Turn your lights off when you leave the room. (there's no such thing as ghosts anyway).

• Take showers instead of baths and save nearly the amount of water.

• Switch to CFL lightbulbs. They use 1/3 the power of regular ones.

• Wash your clothes in cold water. Unless they were completely soiled, they'll come out perfectly clean.

• Buy local produce when possible. It doesn't have to be flown in from across the country to taste good (and may even taste better than what you've been buying).

• Carry reusable shopping bags instead of using paper or plastic.

Wow, this will be easier than you thought! Did you know that a family of four uses more than 500 plastic bags each year? In the US alone we use more than 100 billion and less than 1% is ever recycled! They end up in landfills or worse yet, ocean fills, where they wreak havoc on fish and other wildlife. So if we will all do our part by making these small changes in our habits, we can save the environment for future generations.

About the author 

Cindy Atmar is President of Ecologie Bags. Online there are a variety of colorful, lightweight bags and more details about reusable bags at [http://www.ecologiebags.com]