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Green Gardening to Help Environment

The beauty of a garden can help make your home a more inviting place to go to but it is not necessarily true that having a garden can be green. It may seem counter intuitive that having a beautiful patch of land covered by flowers and greens is bad for the environment but it sure is.

A garden requires a great deal of resources. It needs space to grow and flourish. It needs the energy from the sun. It needs air to turn into carbon dioxide. Water is what they need the most and in this world of El Nino and constant droughts water becomes more and more valuable. Hence, a garden must be able to sustain itself to be considered beneficial to the general environment that it is situated in.

To make a garden green, one of the first things you need to do is make use of indigenous plants. Using indigenous plants in your garden, makes sure that the plants are able to live with the amount of water in your area. It is also adept to the amount of sunlight where you live.

Growing plants that come out of the area, you would have to adjust the amount of water you put in and the amount of sunlight you provide. You might need to put in extra effort watering the plants and exposing it to sunlight. In some cases, you might even need to build a separate greenhouse to house these plants during cold seasons.

Even if the plants are indigenous, it can cause an imbalance in the environment if it is not maintained. If it is allowed to grow out of control then it will require more from you. It would need more water and more space to spread itself out. It not only makes it less aesthetically pleasing, it also needs more to maintain. What is the point of keeping and maintaining that garden if you are not going to take care of it?

Another way to ensure that your gardening practices are kept green is by making sure that the garden has more than one purpose and not just for show. It can be anything that helps you achieve whatever effect you want. If you want to add a little more privacy to your home, you can make use of hedges to shield your windows. But, the ultimate multipurpose garden can be found in vegetable gardens. The reason this is important is because as more and more people populate the earth the space you use on your garden becomes more precious.

The world we live in needs us to ensure their welfare and make sure that everything works well with each other. That is our responsibility as humans but that does not mean we cannot make our surroundings beautiful in the process. 

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