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I'm sure by now everyone is fully aware about the global warming crisis and hopefully everyone is trying to make an effort in doing their part to save energy. For those of you who are faithfully working toward conserving energy and working for a greener future, I commend you. As for those of you who are still in the dark about the whole thing, allow me to lend you a hand and give you some simple ideas on how you can save energy and a lot of money on your housing bills.

One of the first and easiest things you can do to save some green is to change all the light bulbs in your home from incandescent to compact fluorescent. Did you know that if every man, woman, and child in America (which is about 302 million people) were to replace one incandescent light bulb with a fluorescent light bulb, that would be the equivalent to taking one million cars off the road for one whole year? Theoretically we would all be saving about $8 billion in electricity costs! You may be asking yourself, we'd all be saving that much if everyone changed just ONE incandescent bulb in their home? Imagine how much you would save on your electricity bills if you changed EVERY light bulb within your home!

Another way you can go green in your home is by turning off all your lights, electrical devices and appliances when not in use. Unplugging your refrigerator may not be the best of ideas, but there are energy saving alternatives for such major appliances. Energy Star and GREENCulture.com offer such alternatives. Turning off your lights and electrical devices like your television and radio will actually help you save some cash on your next electricity bill. If you think about it, saving a few dollars goes a long way, and it's definitely beneficial to the environment.

With just these two simple do it yourself tips, going green goes a long way. Start off with these two ideas and check your electricity bill at the end of the month and you'd be surprised (and pleased) to see what a difference you're making. As you keep adding greener choices to your lifestyle, everyone else around you will take notice and jump on the bandwagon. After all, you're saving the earth by saving energy and money - it's a win-win situation for everyone!

*Facts and numbers courtesy of LiveScience.com, 18Seconds.org, and green.yahoo.com.

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