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Green Initiative Saves Our Pockets and Environment

Going green does not only protect the environment. It efficiently reduces our home and office expenses as well. While many people are ignorant about this, more and more homes and companies employ green measures to help protect the world and reduce expenses.

If you think it's not possible, here is a list of what green initiatives can do.

Fossil Fuel Issue

Burning fossil fuels pumps tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Our growing dependency on coal and oil makes us major contributors to world destruction. Apart from harming the environment, we spend huge amounts of money buying oil.

But if we reduce our oil consumption, we can help protect the Earth and our pockets as well. Here is what we can do:

- Walk short distances and use cars only as needed.
- Join a carpool program to minimize the use of petrol and reduce unnecessary expense as well.
- Before purchasing a vehicle, research on gas mileage and emissions standards first. There are several fuel-efficient automobiles which help you save on gas while protecting the atmosphere.

Renewable Energy

The use of such type of energy is 100% clean. Its resources are free and are friendly to the environment. Wind, water, solar, and geothermal power are common examples of renewable energy.

The number of options available today is growing by leaps and bounds. You may jump from one power source to another to know which system fits you best.

Go Green Steps That Help Save Costs

Use Natural Resources
- Instead of using a dryer, hang clothes outside your home to let them dry.
- Limit the use of electricity at daytime. Open curtains and shades to allow natural light and air inside.
Employ Means
- Ride the bike or walk your way to the office.
- Use recyclable materials like paper. They are a lot cheaper compared to plastic and very ecological as well.
- Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs at home. Though a tad pricey, they can be used longer and they offer no negative impact to the environment.
- Unplug home appliances to reduce the cost of electricity.
- Buy energy-efficient appliances to help save a good chunk of cash.
- Avoid artificial lighting at home. They are not only ugly to look at but are extremely expensive as well.

There are many other ways that can help save the environment. The use of renewable energy alone can impact greatly on our drive to save the Earth. If you're one of those concerned people, go green now and see how it amazingly affects your pockets!  

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