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Green Technology to Provide Power

When it comes to green technology, environmental enthusiasts are in their heyday in these times due to the fact that sustainable technologies such as wind power, solar power, geothermal power and other types have come a long way in development as far as energy output and accessibility. It is now simple enough and inexpensive enough for just about anyone to live free and "off the grid" when it comes to utilities, and as well, even reduce the effects of the "carbon footprint" we've been emblazoning into our environment over these many years. What am I talking about here? Allow me to explain...

Solar power is one such green technology environmental science has improved upon immensely. As far as photovoltaic cells ("solar panels") go, production methods, cheaper and more effective materials as well as energy output has greatly increased since its first huge wave of popularity happened decades ago. Back in the early to mid seventies, this kind of "green energy" was something seemingly only the well-to-do had enough money to invest in. It would cost quite a few thousand dollars to be able to employ this technology back then, in order to create free electricity. True enough, such an investment would eventually pay for itself, but only after many years.

Today, this is one green technology environmentally-minded people of all walks of life can get into. It's no longer so expensive to acquire solar panels, and a person can even make their own for even less. Moreover, with the increase in energy output, you'd not need quite so many in order to put them to cost effective use, and depending on how big of a house you'd wish to supply self-made electricity to, any investment into solar power can pay for itself in little more than a year, instead of a few decades' time.

However, solar power isn't the only green technology. Environmentally-conscious people are also powering their homes and all of the appliances within by utilizing wind power as well. One or two average sized wind-powered generators are enough to completely supply all of the needed electricity for a small home. This is regulated by using a battery array, in much the same way as is done with solar power, in order to regulate the flow of electricity. This is because, as some days are sunnier than others, so too, some days are windier than others. So "a battery bank" is used to collect and store the generated electricity, as well as regulate a constant flow of current to the home and whatever runs on electricity therein. Such battery banks are usually an array of automotive cells, or a single large type such as is used for forklifts and the like. The latter are often acquired dead, for free, and refurbished to good-as-new quality.

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