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The Green Revolution

Renewable energy is the past Cinderella now invited to the ball, and the rapid expansion in renewable energy will be, and needs to be, massive in order to help alleviate the worst effects of global climate change.

There are many sources of renewable energy. Some are obvious, such as biofuels made from vegetable oil crops already in consumption for food, and hydropower schemes using water in our rivers and high lakes.

But water power can also be taken from tidal currents and by placing dams in estuaries with high tidal ranges, and directing the flow through turbines.

Solar panels use the renewable energy of the sun.

There is even renewable energy in the organic waste (biological waste), such as food scraps, wood from sustainable forests, and paper/cardboard manufactured from trees grown in sustainable woodland, and sustainable materials in the rubbish we throw away at present. This energy could, and should, be re-used to provide energy, and recycling and in many nations separate collection of municipal (household) waste is being developed all the time to enable this to take place.

Looking at the investment potential for renewable energy from both the electricity, and road transport sectors, and adding the value of both from a recent report by Shell (UK), suggests that at a total of 1300M (USD$2600M), investment is likely in the next 10 years in the transport biofuels and renewable electricity generation sectors in the UK, alone.

So it seems that a Renewable Energy News blog, will be in demand and there must be a need to report the great opportunities to be made for those that are "nimble" as being likely to arise in the renewable energy sector, in the next few years.

This is a sector which will also have to tackle many political and economic issues beyond the complexities of the environmental balance sheet.

So, there is likely to be a lot of interesting news and new developments within the technology used by the Renewable Energy industry and there is a need for a suitable web provider for this service.

So that is where we begin, as we start the Renewable Energy News Blog; a new blog, in a new and rising industrial sector.

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