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Green Tea Cancer Prevention

Is there cancer in your family history? If so, you may benefit from drinking green tea because green tea is believed to beneficial in cancer prevention.

Green Tea has been used in Asian countries for centuries for medicinal purposes, and this is not true for western countries, but this may be about to change. Today, green tea is being studied by many scientists around the world, and they are discovering the many benefits associated with tea.

Studies have recently revealed that polyphenol, a substance discovered in green tea, has been found to be effective against cancer. This powerful antioxidant is effective at blocking and inhibiting cancerous growths.

Green Tea has been shown to be effective at fighting numerous types of cancers, including colon, prostrate, bladder and breast cancer. This has been shown in Japan and other Asian countries, where drinking green tea is a daily habit. There appears to be a much lower incident of cancer in these countries in comparison to western civilization. This may be due to the fact that western countries drink more colas and other types of beverages that do not have the cancer fighting properties of green tea.

By observing green tea drinking quantities in Japan, it can be estimated how much green tea should be consumed per day. On average, the typical Japanese drinks 3 to 4 cups of green tea per day. Yet in America, the average person doesn't drink that much green tea in a year.

Drinking green tea helps block some of the formation of cancer cells prior to them starting. So drinking green tea before cancer develops may help prevent it from starting. Cancer is a devastating disease, and in many families it is genetically based. Drinking at least three cups of green tea per day can be beneficial in preventing this disease. If cancer exists in your family history green tea can be a very healthy choice.

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