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Green Wedding

How do you feel about the environment and living green? Why not have an all-natural, eco-friendly wedding! Green weddings are actually some of the most beautiful weddings around, not only is having a Green Wedding is great for the environment but the wedding is very unique from all the others. When planning a Green Wedding there are three things to keep in mind; Reduce, reuse and recycle! It's just natural for it to be stylish.

Obviously when it comes to the food, it will be organic or fair trade. That's just a given. Try even serving berry pies with organic berries rather than a wedding cake. A great drink to serve is biodynamically farmed wines. Also, donating leftovers is very popular because you are not letting any food go to waste. A great idea for invitations is to use recycled materials or even email. It still get the job done, but in an environmentally friendly way. There are several materials that can be used for confetti. The first is biodegradable confetti also known as ecofetti or flower pedals which is actually very traditional itself. When it comes to kitchenware, use eco-friendly products. You can even use compostable cutlery. It's made from non GMO corn starch and can literally be thrown into your home compost pile. The wardrobe in the wedding is always very difficult to decide on. In a green wedding, clothes should be rented so they keep on being re-used. If you know you are going to wear the outfit more than once, then it is safe to buy it because it will not go to waste. Or you can look for Hemp gowns or clothes made with organic cotton. Many women are interested to recycle their wedding dress. You can visit nearlynewbridal.com to buy or sell used wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, flower girl dresses, etc. Hold the wedding ceremony locally.

You will spend less on traveling and also save on gas. Car pooling is a great idea; this saves a huge amount on gas, especially if you're planning a large wedding. This will keep for a healthier environment and will reduce the amount of pollution being put into the air. At the dinner table, rather than using regular paper napkins use rice paper napkins. When it comes to decorating, hemp draping should be included. Now listen to this, a new product has come to the market in candles. In your green wedding be sure to use Soy Candles. They are made from renewable crops and burn cleaner and 30% longer than paraffin candles, and they contain 100% biodegradable materials. Great additions to center pieces are milk soaps. They are hypoallergenic and are made from all natural ingredients which make them great for the skin! Another idea for all natural center pieces is herbs and natural spices. They would look stunning in small crystal glasses tied in neat ribbon for decoration. A common center piece is small jars of honey stack in several patterns on the table. Each guest is able to take one home with them as a gift from the newly weds. Another great idea for gifts to the guests are all natural lip bombs made from all natural ingredients.

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