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Han Yu Pin Ying Introduction

by: Mr. Li

Pinyin, also known as Hanyu Pinyin is simply a method to write Chinese pronunciations by using the English alphabet (Roman characters). Pin literally means "spell" and yin "sound". The Pinyin system was initially approved by the Chinese government in 1958. And because it is such an effective tool, which is fairly simple and easy to understand, it not only makes it convenient for natives to learn the Chinese language and characters but it also helps non-Chinese speakers to become familiar with and master the standard pronunciations of Mandarin - the National Standard Chinese. Since 1979, Hanyu Pinyin had been widely accepted and adopted by many world class institutes and organizations, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as the standard Romanization for modern Chinese (ISO-7098:1991), the Government of Singapore, the Library of Congress and the American Library Association. Pinyin has also become a useful tool for entering Chinese language text onto computers.

To listen to the audio files of Pinyin and find out how Pinyin works in detail, please visit:

About the Author:

Mr. Li is an experienced Language teacher in Speak College Sydney as well as an educator of an online Chinese language training provider ( He is now dedicating most of the time to help English speaker to master modern Chinese. He is specialized in business Chinese education and to help people who wants to catch up the economic booming in China