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Happy Thanksgiving

By: Patricia Lite Hickman

Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness; Bad days give you experiences; Both are essential to life. Keep going Author Unknown

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ Wherever you find yourself on this life journey, from our homes to yours, we wish you a joyous and blessed Holiday Season. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States, we know that holidays are a time of reflection as well as celebration.

Reflection and introspection help us to reinvent ourselves and are good things as long as we do not get stuck in sadness of remembering something that wounded us.

Often memories come up and give us the opportunity to heal completely from them. Anxiety can range from simple things like what to serve and how many may drop in, to how to cope with a challenging family member or friend. Stress levels can, and often do arise, for the all around hustle and bustle of preparations.

If you have experienced loss this year of a family member or friend, and are grieving, or worried over a loved one in the Military, holidays can be a challenging time. I wish you peace and the understanding that "love never dies."

No matter where we are or in what circumstance we find ourselves, we can still be thankful. If we look around, we will see, or hear, of someone in far worse shape than we are. No matter where we are, we can together demonstrate world peace by declaring "Divine Order" for this wondrous planet we live on and all its people, great or small.

I have prayers of protection available if anyone would like them feel free to email me. Also available is a spiritual poem entitled "Thankfully I AM", I wrote for Thanksgiving, 2007. If you would like a copy of either or both just go to the site and email me for them, put "Prayer" or "Poem" (or both) in the subject line. There is no charge for either. :-) Also available are grounding techniques which are helpful at anytime of the year, not just holiday times.

Keep breathing, deep, long breaths. Find your center, your "safe space" and stress will not harm you at all, it will just serve to keep you on your toes and aware.

This Thanksgiving and always we wish you enough of what you need to be happy and enough self esteem to choose right paths for yourself on this life journey.

Keep Smiling! Keep Loving! Keep laughing!

About the Author:

Psychic and Clairaudient, Lite is a healer and Reiki practitioner, a Chaplain as well as an expert in the field of metaphysics. Lite credits a near death experience(NDE) at age 25 with her spiritual awakening, giving her a glimpse of life beyond death. Lite's NDE was the motivation for her quest to find deeper meaning and understanding about the soul's journey. Lite has studied various metaphysical disciplines including astrology, tarot.